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It’s now time to bring you what makes you feel even more empowered, stronger and inspired. We are bringing you more courses, larger educator team, new practical training venue and yes, we have more ways of getting connected with you.


What courses will be having this year which will rock Singapore?

Check out our May 2014 to Oct 2014 courses here

Among the highlights…

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist by Jerrican Tan, CSCS, ACE-ACSM-NASM CPT, NASM CES-WLS-FNS, ISSN-SNS, ACE Health Coach and Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist and Jimmie Read, ACE CPT,  focusing on static & movement screens > the introducing you the FOUR continuum of corrective exercise (Inhibit, Lengthen, Activate, Integrate)


NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist by Joan Liew, ISSN – SNS, NSCA CSCS, ACE-CPT, appointed lecturer and examiner for FISAF Certification Courses. Fitness Nutrition Specialist gives you ample nutrition tool to help you understand client unique nutritional preference and choice better and thus empowering you to help clients make better food choices.

Barefoot Training Specialist (BTS) by Dexter ACE CPT, FISAF CPT, EBFA Master Instructor, which helps you learn how barefoot training can change foot structure, improve neuromuscular activation patterns and reinforce integrated movement patterns of the lower extremity. Definitely a recommended course for athletic trainer, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, movement specialist, physical therapist, physiotherapists, podiatrist, and chiropractors.

barefoot barefoot2

Pre & Post Natal – Exercise Guidelines, Programming and Practical Training for Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors by Kim Boey,  CSCS, ACE GFI, GFIT Master Trainer, FitnessFX Programme Leader and Fit for 2 Coordinator. Learn from Kim, who runs a pregnancy focused fitness studio & cafe. This course gives you idea how to run your own pregnancy group fitness class and how to design your personal training programme for clients by taking safety, physiological aspects of pregnancy and FUN as key to great workout.


FIT-NASM Weight Lost Specialist (WLS) by Jerrican Tan, CSCS, ACE-ACSM-NASM CPT, NASM CES-WLS-FNS, ISSN-SNS, ACE Health Coach and Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist. Best way to help clients is to understand them better. WLS helps you to discover the possible cause of obesity, explore the physiology and psychology of weight loss, thus allowing you to safe and effectively design exercise & nutrition programmes for your client. In addition, this course helps build stronger foundation to connect with your client through lifestyle fitness coaching and effective communication skills. This course prepares you for NASM Weight Loss Specialist,  NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist and ACE Health Coach.

TWIST Sports Conditioning by Kong Sey Key CSCS, TSSC, ACE PT-AHFS, Les Mills BodyPUMP Instructor and B.Sports Science (Exercise Physiology). You will learn the science behind each of these foundations of athleticism (balance, core, strength and movements), and practical exercises with progressions and regressions to apply to clients of any age, sport and ability.


Personal Trainer Course (60 hours or 3 Days) – Oh yes, new team (added team members), new delivery style to meet the current industry trends and what you asked for. And it is NOW 60% practical and MORE emphasis on exercise programmings and workout designs.

ace certified ace pt new pt course

You have no time to do 60 hours? Yes, then try our Personal Trainer PRO-GRADE 3 days PT course…ask us more about it? 


Anyone into Group Fitness?

We are bringing you this 38 minutes dynamic and athletic licensed free group fitness programme from UK. Yes, you can teach it anyway…! Check it out


Fitness fx …oh yes, the rumours are true, we are bringing them from UK for a BIG launch in the month of June. Stay tuned…

We launched it BIG in coming to Singapore this JUNE

celeb 4 celeb fx celeb fx3

Are you new in Group Fitness and intend to design your own class? > Check out GFIT 

gfit kim

Who are the fabulous people behind the team of educators now?

Discover them here…anyone familiar?

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Where do we do our fun practical training?

At TMP Fitness, Revenue House


How can we get connected with you?

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