Physical Education Teacher Gets His CSCS Credentials


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) is one of the most recognized and respected certification in the fitness industry. Here we have Nicholas who is a student from our previous CSCS Preparation Course who just passed his CSCS exam. Let’s get to know him a little bit more and his journey to getting himself prepared and certified with this certification.

Congratulations to you! Now you are NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist!

Q: What is your feeling now that you’re a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist?

Nicholas: Initially, it is really a sigh of relief to be honest. That really shows the level of difficulty of this exam, at least to me. I didn’t feel the same way when I got my ACE Personal Trainer cert, and definitely passing CSCS exam ranks up there as one of the highlights of my career. Of course, I am very happy and I can’t wait to practice what I learnt in CSCS to my job as a PE Teacher.

Q: You are a PE teacher in Singapore. What made you to decide upon taking the CSCS course? How has being a CSCS have impact you in your profession?

Nicholas: CSCS, as I understand, will provide me with a very sound foundation in the area of strength and conditioning especially in practical applications. As such, I signed up for the course, with the intention of applying what I learn to my work as a PE Teacher. I currently teach weights training to students, as part of a PE module of the GCE O Level Examinations (which is the equivalent of SPM in Malaysia). Definitely, with the rigorous CSCS course that I attended, it has helped in developing better lesson plans and correct weight lifting techniques for my students in the gym.

Q: How did you initially heard about CSCS and FIT Malaysia?

Nicholas: To be frank, I actually googled strength and conditioning, and I actually found CSCS as one of the courses that will develop me professionally as a teacher or coach who can specialize in the area of strength and conditioning. After looking at various options locally and overseas (can’t go too far, except to our neighboring state of Kuala Lumpur), I decided to sign up with FIT Malaysia, very much due to the timing of the course. I knew studying for the course is not easy, and I had to choose the right time to embark on this course. As such, I went for the September course, so that I can do my studying in October/November period, when I have more spare time to upgrade my skills. And fate would have it, I chose the right institution in FIT Malaysia, and I thank you for the wonderful experience that I have during the course and making new friends who basically “walk the talk” in the area of fitness.

Q: So, how have the course prepared you for the CSCS exam? Would you recommend it to others?

Nicholas: The course gave me excellent foundations in preparation for the CSCS, and it is not just about theory during a typical CSCS lesson. We learnt a lot through practical applications during the course, and perhaps this is one of the best ways to enhance our learning in preparation for the CSCS exam. Definitely if you are currently in the strength and conditioning or related sports industry, this is one of the best courses to go for. However, it is also a lot of hard work involved, as you need to clock in hours of study every day, prior to the exam.


Q: What is your next plan in future?

Nicholas: I have no plans in the future yet, as I am happy in my current job as a PE teacher in my current school. I would love to impart my knowledge to my students and hopefully they can benefit and use some of the things I teach them in the gym.

Q: Anything else you want to add before ending the interview?

Nicholas: I would like to give my deepest appreciation for our trainers of the CSCS course, namely Simran Latif and Jerrican Tan. They helped in bridging the gap between our current knowledge to the requirements of CSCS exam. And of course not forgetting FIT Malaysia, for organizing this course and it’s a great place to study in with good gym equipment for proper instruction. And my coursemates in CSCS course! Will probably miss you guys, and hope to see you guys again in FIT Malaysia :)



We will be running our next CSCS Course here in Singapore on 9th to 11th May 2014

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