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Great news for those seeking more and better applied knowledge in fitness nutrition AND those thinking of conducting or improving their skills to run small group personal training sessions. Definitely benefits personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, physical education teachers, dieticians, nutritionist, sports coaches, physical therapists, physiotherapists, group fitness instructors and anyone who live with the word `FITNESS’

Yes! Fabio Comana is coming to Singapore next month!


Fabio Comana, M.A., M.S., is a faculty instructor at San Diego State University, and University of California, San Diego and NASM, and president of Genesis Wellness Group. Previously as an ACE exercise physiologist, he was the original creator of ACE’s IFT™ model and ACE’s live PT educational workshops. Prior experiences include collegiate head coaching, strength and conditioning; and opening/managing clubs for Club One. An international presenter, featured in multiple media outlets and accomplished chapter and book author.


NASM’s Fitness Nutrition Specialist Workshop

Date:  5th June 2014 (Thurs) | Time: 8am to 1pm | Price: $300 | Cecs: 0.5

Where? > Aileron Wellness, Amara Sanctuary Resort

This workshop instructs professional on how to properly consult clients on macronutrient function and recommendations, the role of fuels as energy; on improving eating behaviors and choices; and on dispensing nutritional education to clients, while staying within scope of practice. The information presented in this course helps prepare individuals for the NASM FNS certificate.


NASM’s Group Personal Training Specialisation 

Date:  5th June 2014 (Thurs) | Time: 2pm to 7pm  | Price: $300 | Cecs: 0.5

Where? > Aileron Wellness, Amara Sanctuary Resort

Small group training delivers a unique hybrid of the best aspects of one-on-one personal training and group fitness, and is the fastest-growing fitness service trend today. Expand your business reach and earnings potential beyond traditional training and realize your true potential by learning from the following:

 You will learn how to design, develop, and deliver best-in-class group training programs for varied sizes, goals, and modalities. Attain the skills needed to successfully teach, train, and motivate participants with the necessary communication and coaching styles for dynamic group settings, and to deliver and progress structured progression plans effectively. The information presented in this course helps prepare individuals for the NASM GPTS certificate.


Online registration is available.

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