Train with the Masters – Fitness FX in Singapore

We were pleased to have fitness fx touching grounds in Singapore, all the way from London! Michael Betts (The Founder of fitness fx) and Sonja Moses (Program developer of fight fx) were here to conduct these classes.

So what is Fight FX?

Martial arts-inspired fight sequences and conditioning drills devised to strip fat and amplify power, co-ordination and confidence in the studio, on the gym floor or at home.


Unlike other companies in the marketplace, fitness fx does not tie health clubs or instructors into an expensive licence agreement. T3 fight v13.1 and all subsequent releases are also PPL- free within the UK and PPCA-free in Australia.

We do not charge a programme licence fee for T3 fight. This represents obvious and significant cost savings, and also means an instructor’s income is not limited by the number of licensed clubs in his or her area. Instead, once an instructor has paid for and successfully completed the T3 fight certification, and has a current subscription, he or she is able to teach T3 fight wherever he or she likes.

Instructors and health clubs within the UK do not have to pay PPL fees when playing the T3 soundtrack. The soundtracks for T3 fight v13.1 and all subsequent releases are also PPCA- in Australia.

“I thought nothing could replace the combat class my gym has had for years but I’ve been proven wrong. I love the fact T3 fight is more focused on fitness-oriented martial arts sequences than the complex combos we’re used to. It’s simple, but VERY effective.

Greg D – Birmingham”

Group picture with Sonja Moses (Program developer of fight fx) Presenting you Fight fx Instructors!


Kudos to these instructors made it even though they were fasting and came back the next day for programme leader course with sore muscles. We could see they were definitely having a great time sharing knowledge on different fx programs with Michael Betts leading them.


And finally it’s a wrap!IMG_5295[1]


Find out about fitness fx programmes for your clubs from Rasol, Ken Tan and Zhywee (Singapore)