September & October Courses


6/09 EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist | 0.6 CEC

07/09 EBFA Foot Strike & Movement | 0.5 CEC

07/09 ISSN Sports Nutrition: Fueling Performance | 0.9 CEC

20-21/09 TWIST Conditioning- Functional Training 101 | 0.8 CEC

26-28/09 NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)



13- 16/10 American Council on Exercise (ACE) Intensive Preparation for Certified Personal Trainer Exam

21/10 Sports Injuries | 0.9 CEC

25-26/10 GFit | 1.7 CEC

EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist Course

6th September 2014 | Saturday | 0.6 CEC

Learn the science behind barefoot training (from the ground up), earn your credential by being a barefoot training specialist!

EBFA Foot Strike & Movement Course

7th September 2014 | Sunday | 0.5 CEC

How often do you assess your walk? As one of the most functional movements we do everyday, walking should be the foundation to all functional movement screens. Join Dexter Jemuel Tay for a workshop that will break down human walking and running gait cycle. Experience the basics to a proper gait assessment and take away skills you can use on your clients and patients right away!

ISSN Sports Nutrition: Fueling Performance

7th September 2014 | Sunday | 0.9 CEC

 TWIST Conditioning- Functional Training 101 

20-21 September 2014 | Saturday – Sunday | 0.8 CEC

Functional Training 101 - Poster (option 1 - 800x1000)

Balance, Core, Strength & Movement. You will learn the theory of the science behind each of these foundations of functional training, & practical exercises with progressions & regressions to apply to clients of any age, sport or ability. This Certification was created by Peter Twist, an exercise physiologist & 11 year veteran NHL Conditioning Coach. Coach Twist has over 20 years experience & has trained more than 700 professional athletes; including players in the NHL, NBA & MLB. Coach Twist has a distinctly unique training system that progressively trains multi-directional movement skills, speed, agility, quickness, deceleration, reactivity, balance & whole body strength & power. The focus is on enhancing human function through the development of a firm foundation to provide clients of all ages & all backgrounds with improved physical tools to pursue their goals in activity & life.

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

26-28 September 2014 | Friday to Sunday |


American Council on Exercise (ACE) Intensive Preparation for Certified Personal Trainer Exam

13- 16 October 2014 | Monday to Thursday |

Sports Injuries 

21 October 2014 | Tuesday | 0.9 CEC

GFit | Group Fitness Innovative Teaching

25 – 26 October 2014 | Saturday – Sunday | 1.7CEC