EBFA Barefoot Training | Foot Strike and Functional Movement Weekend

We are honored to have Evidence Base Functional Academy as one of our education partner to provide world class fitness professional education in Singapore.

Singapore Master Instructor – Dexter Jemuel Tay conducted Barefoot Training Specialist and Foot Strike and Functional Movement on 6th and 7th September. We had an humble number of enthusiastic participants ranging from social enterprise, physical-education teacher and personal trainers.


 Participants says..

‘The ‘Barefoot Training Specialist’ course was another added bonus to me in the sense that i’m now able to beef up my postural assessments for my clients; and breakdown the science behind the most fundamental/functional movement in our daily lives – walking. Everything starts ‘from the ground up’, so a better standing and walking posture would mean a better and safer exercise form; and hence, injuries may be prevented. Thank you Dexter for the knowledge you’ve passed on to us, been a pleasure sitting through another one of your informative courses. And i look forward to the next one!’

Nash, Fitness Trainer & Kickboxing Instructor

Master Instructor -Singapore

Certifications/Education: ACE-CPT, FISAF-CPT, TACFIT-I, WKC-KB, IKSFA-KB, RGSI-KB, Singapore Weightlifting Coach – Level 1, Human Movement-I, Foundation of Thai   Massage, TP Therapy-C



Upcoming intake EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist / Foot Strike and Functional Movement in March and April 2015.