January Updates

January has been a busy and fruitful month. High Intensity Interval Training– HIIT (0.5 cec) being the topic of the town, we had trainers and fitness enthusiast coming to find out more. What is the difference between HVIT and HIIT? Have you been doing your HIIT workout in an ideal sequence, time frame and load?

We have started the year well with our first batch of Certified Personal Trainer Course to prepare our students to sit for American Council of Exercise (ACE) Exam to become a certified ACE personal trainer. We were very honored to have Simone and Kirk from FiT Manila Innovations teaching with us this time. It was an unique combination of both lecturer with physiotherapy and sports science background.

At the very Same day, we launch TWIST CONDITIONING – Functional Training 101 (0.8cec) by Master Instructor, Andric Cheok  and with Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA) Barefoot Rehab RX by Dr Emily Splichal at Functional Training Institute (222 Queens Street)

We’ll be running EBFA’s Barefoot Training Specialist on 28 March and Foot Strike and Functional Movement on 4 April 2015! Contact us for more details.

On the lighter note, Fitness FX BLAST and GROOVE has officially step foot in Singapore! You will be expecting to see FX Programme Leader – Ken Tan running his classes at FiT Singapore Academy‘s main studio. Fitness FX, designed and choreographed from UK. These programmes will get your heart pumping and legs moving! If you are constantly looking for new programmes for your clubs and members, do give fitness fx a shot! Fitness fx does not has a club license fee, therefore this will make economic senses for your business.

Recovering from a sports injury eg: ACL Reconstruction? Help your clients to gain confidence and functionality through Pre and Post Rehabilitation Training (0.6cec). Rehabilitation is a in depth topic, we do not certify you as a rehab trainer. But going through this course would allow you to understand at a deeper level with bio-mechanic and injury structure. You will be able to identify the weak and undeveloped muscles that may be potentially injury-prone to your body and prescribe exercise accordingly.

We highly recommend you to attend Corrective Exercise Specialist (0.9 cec) after the Pre and Post Rehabilitation workshop. You will be doing Movement screening assessment to check the limitation of every individual. The goal of assessing through movement would allow you to check postural and muscular imbalances.