Post Review: SGT Ken Boot camp Instructor and Mentoring Programme

Bootcamp instructor group pic

Behind the scenes:

Limited edition SGT Ken clipboards were made in-house. Practical gifts that allows you hold onto your training programme.

Arrival of SGT Ken:

We were looking out for him in military wear. Although in civilian attire, his huge camouflage bag caught our attention. Welcome to Singapore SGT Ken!


Ken Weichert (aka. SGT KEN) is an award-winning international speaker and six-time ‘US Army soldier of the Year’. He served in Iraq 1993 and through 2003-2005. Ken founded the longest-running Boot Camp Start fitness.

This mission in Singapore, to help Singapore boot camp instructor with his techniques of conducting boot camps. It involoves:

  • Cadence drill
  • Vocal Training (Fitness theater)
  • Physical Testing