Master Functional Trainer – Foundation Training Course 2016

MFT - Foundation Training


MFT foundation Jan

FTI Master Functional Trainer prospectus

Who is Teaching?
pic for podcastNathan Quinn

Nathan is a senior health and wellness educator and lecturer with local and international experience. In 2014, he has won the award for Best Health and Wellness Program at the Occupational Health and Safety Awards  for  my  innovative  work  with  Fairfax  Media.  He  had  also  worked  extensively  in  the development of learning curricula, assessment strategies, and educational resources for a number of respected training organisations. He am particularly interested in the effects of physical activity on brain function. In 2011 he was the Program  Director  for  the  SAP  clinical  trial  on  the effects  of  physical  exercise  on  brain  function, undertaken in conjunction with Swinburne University
He is the Founder and Managing Director of and the Creative Director of iTunes podcast, Nathan Quinn – Mindset & Performance Coach.

Youtube Preview of Master Functional Trainer