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3 DVD’s – Operation Living Fit

3 dvds + 1 Premium Quality Resistance Band

The Operation Living Fit DVD trilogy utilizes highly effective physical training techniques practiced by the U.S. military. Complete with body resistance and tubing exercises uniquely arranged to target specific muscle groups, participants will burn over 500 calories in 40 minutes!

Led by Army Master Fitness Trainer, Ken Weichert, the program will lead participants through a series of heart-pounding military fitness exercises, cadence calls, and fierce kickboxing drills, all to upbeat music.

Start Fitness Bootcamp Package


1 x DVD: Operation Family Fit

Fitness for the whole family!

  • Tailored exercise programs for youth, Airmen and adults.
  • Easy-to-follow instructional videos of each exercise
  • Invigorating warm-up and calming cool-down times
  • Positive encouragement that keeps you engaged and energised

3 x Resistance Bands 

Different weights of tubing so you can choose the right strength for your performance level

1 x Super Durable Canvas Camouflage Bag

Best way to carry around your workout gear!


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