The first step towards your new career!

Our next intake for the ACE Certified Personal Trainer Course is starting on Saturday July 30th and will be held every Saturday until September 17th.

Less than 72 hours left to take advantage of the Early Bird Special of $1845 (including the exam). After July 15th, the price will be $2000.

To sign up now, contact Emilie at

How good is the ACE Certification?
ACE emphasizes personalized training programs for all types of people through their patented ACE Integrated Fitness Training (ACE IFT) model.
Becoming a certified personal trainer through ACE is a great choice for individuals interested in working with a wide variety of clients.
One of the most widely accepted CPT certifications among employers. ACE presents a very transparent and structured organization, which is another advantage to take into consideration.
Highly recommended for those just starting out in personal training to provide a solid, well-rounded foundation.
With an ACE certification, you’ll be well-trained, highly employable, and you won’t spend all of your money getting it.

What are my prospects for jobs?
Other than commercial gyms, there are so many places a Certified Personal Trainer can work from: health club, hotel, cruise ship, resorts, etc The sky is the limit.
Our academy partners up with TMP Fitness, a gym situated at Revenue House in Novena (this is also where the academy is situated). Through TMP, we offer a program of apprenticeship, meaning that after completing your certification, you can work with us, with the help of a mentor, to kick start your fitness career.

How can I deal with the competition?
 The Fitness industry is competitive, but remember that your confidence and individuality is what gives you this unique selling point that will attract potential clients.
Einstein said it “Knowledge is power”. Surrounding yourself with great role models and constantly upgrading yourself through continuing education will truly help you to make your fitness career a successful one. All courses we offer are instrumental in making you a successful personal trainer.