Learn the ART of Nutrition for Physique Athletes

Nutrition For The Physique Athlete

What’s this course about
The Nutrition For Physique Athlete workshop is for personal trainers, strength coaches and health professionals who wish to learn the key fundamental principles of designing effective and individualized nutrition plans for clients who train in physique sports, such as bikini model, fitness model, figure, men’s physique or bodybuilding.

You will be taught how to write nutrition programs in a systemized and professional manner, allowing them to take clients from ordinary to extraordinary!

Who will benefit
Fitness enthusiast, gym instructor, fitness instructor, personal trainer, group fitness instructors, aesthetic and bodybuilding coach

What’s covered

  • Learn the basic principles of nutrition program design such as BMR, activity level, energy requirements, macro ratios, and nutrient timing
  • Learn which types of foods to eat, how much, and when based on the physique category, lifestyle, and body type
  • Learn how to coach physique clients effectively so they actually follow your advice and get results
  • Learn about supplementation to improve general health, body composition, sleep, stress, digestion, and detoxification to enhance results with your physique athletes
  • Learn about peri-workout nutrition to optimize performance and recovery for physique athletes

What to wear
Fitness attire

CEC points

Course duration
1 day, 9am – 6pm

Course fee

  • Group-of-5 (End 30th Sept):                            $ 320.00
  • Super Early Bird (End 31st Aug 2016):            $ 360.00
  • Early Bird (End 30th Sept 2016):                      $ 420.00
  • Normal (October 2016):                                     $ 460.00

Basic fitness experience and nutritional basics

23 October 2016 (Sunday)

Grading critereia
To become a certified nutrition for physique athlete’s coach you will need to be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding and practical application of the material covered. The exam is composed of the following;

  1. Theory Exam – This section will test your knowledge and understanding of the theory covered. It will be composed of multiple choice and short answer questions. The minimum pass grade is 80%.
  1. Practical Assessment – In this section you will be required to apply the nutrition principles learned in class and design a nutrition plan using for one of the students in class selected at random.

Upon passing the theory exam and practical assessment, you will receive a Certified Nutrition for Physique Athlete’s Coach certificate awarded by Clean Health Fitness Institute Education, Australia.

Class capacity
Maximum 40 pax

Daine McDonaldDaine McDonald
Head Coach at the Clean Health Fitness Institute, Daine McDonald is one of Australia’s most in-demand trainers. Boasting extensive knowledge of functional medicine and first-hand experience in athletic training, he is known for his no-nonsense and integrative approach to helping his clients achieve rapid health and fitness goals, whether they are fat loss, muscle building or athletic performance. Over the course of Daine’s career he has coached, Olympic medalists national and international champions in track cycling, raw powerlifting, natural fitness and sports modelling, mogul skiing, and boxing. He has also coached professional NRL and ARU players. Daine holds formal qualifications in human movement and nutritional medicine, giving him a unique skill set that allows him to engage with clients from a multi-disciplinary approach. He is also an accomplished writer, contributing to numerous publications including Australian Women’s Health & Fitness; Men’s Muscle & Health, Oxygen Magazine; The Australian Biggest Loser Club; and Fitness First Magazine. He was also the Fitness Expert on ninemsn’s Health and Wellbeing website.