About Us

FIT Singapore (Founded 2007), is a sister company of FIT Thailand, Malaysia, Manila, Taiwan, China and India. FIT is the leading and largest international standard fitness education in Asia. FIT Thailand is also the co-organiser of the Asia Fitness Convention since 2009. Our goal is to enrich the quality of life and wellness of society, improving fitness and enhancing athletic performance through safe and effective exercise. We do so by enhancing the competencies of fitness professionals through our education, training and networking opportunities.

Why us?

  • Our fitness educational courses are current and relevant to international industry practice.
  • We are the educational partner in Asia for ACE, NASM, NSCA,  Fitness FX, , TWIST Conditioning, EBFA, and ISSN (to date).
  • Our educators are experienced fitness professionals with applied science background and strongly advocates fun learning.
  • Our offerings are recognised by sports or exercise science faculty as well as professional insurance providers.
  • Our strengths are helping you to learn and show you how it is applied to practice – we bring book the live!
  • We support your career placement and advancement in the fitness industry.


Who Benefits

  • Personal Trainers, group exercise instructors, and strength and conditioning specialists are empowered through expanded career options locally or overseas.
  • Recent university graduates build on theoretical knowledge by acquiring practical skills and improving their earning potential through hands-on experience.
  • Health Care Professionals can learn how to incorporate exercise and general non-medical nutritional programming to their service.
  • Fitness centres gain competitive edge by improving quality and standard of services.
  • Fitness enthusiasts enjoy safe and effective programmes as the com
    munity of certified instructors grows.
  • The general public becomes better informed by accessing up-to-date learning opportunities.

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