Birthday’s, Boxing & Beep Tests!


Happy Friday everyone. Another week is coming to an end and we have had fun filled one for sure here at Fit Singapore. Last Saturday we opened our doors for a fantastic networking event in celebration of our 9th Birthday and were absolutely thrilled to be joined by so many leaders in the Fitness Industry and everyone involved had a great day.

The event offered a unique networking opportunity to engage and liaise with motivated business owners and other fitness industry leaders here in Singapore. We had four guest speakers, including topics such as “How education generates revenue?” “Why a skilled Fitness Professional will elevate a credible Fitness industry” and “How the Singapore Fitness Community can collaborate and connect”. Fit Singapore is continually looking for opportunities to collaborate with Personal Trainers, Gyms and Fitness Professionals to enhance education, promote fitness education and encourage a united front to promote the highest standards Personal Training in Singapore. If you would like to collaborate with us in any way then please contact joanne@fitsingapore.sg




As we entered into the middle of the week, the Fit Singapore Team grabbed an opportunity to hurdle over that mid-week hump day, getting together to enjoy their weekly sweat session, commonly known now as Workout Wednesday! 

Each week we try a new class, workout or sport, taking the opportunity to push and support each other as a team. This week saw us tackle a Kick-boxing inspired group exercise class taken by one of the interns at TMP Fitness. We had an absolute blast as we punched and kicked ourselves fitter with a few giggles thrown in as well. The energising music motivated us all to push harder and the instructor was fab. I’d definitely recommend trying a similar class with your friends or colleagues.



After a 40 minute session we still had some time spare and our football star intern decided to put us through our paces and test our cardiovascular fitness with the dreaded Multi-Stage-Fitness-Test.

Those of you who are familiar with the test will know it is one of the most commonly used tests for aerobic endurance that involves continuous running between two lines 20m apart in time to recorded beeps and for this reason is often referred to as the ‘beep’ test.

Subjects run between the lines, keeping on pace with recorded beeps. As the test progresses there is an increase in speed, and the beeps become closer together. This continues each level with the beeps getting quicker, requiring the runners to increase their speed in order to reach the line in time for the beep. The test is stopped if the subject fails to reach the line (within 2 meters) for two consecutive ends after a warning.

Our team did a great job and we have decided to record our scores and re-do the test once a month to monitor our progress. Fit Singapore’s Education Manager Emilie Tan, also keen marathon runner was undoubtably the winner of this weeks test, getting to level 15. You can check out the Fit Singapore notice board next time you are visiting to see who is our current champion and if you fancy taking on the challenge then we would love you to get involved too!