Why undertake this program

The art of coaching requires a method and system of communication based on proven principles. You will gain a great understanding in applying key concepts such as:

  • Methods and stages of listening
  • Formulating intelligent and relevant questions
  • how to build rapport and trust
  • leadership skills

 Only after establishing the backbone of the art of coaching can we truly appreciate the science of it. That is where the magic of this program lies. We will cover key theories in a meaningful and practical way so that you can integrate what you learn right away to great effect.

After this program, you will walk away with skills not just for your coaching practice but also for life.

Take the leap now to greater levels of communication and leadership


  • This course was designed to give you an edge over all other fitness professionals by focusing on a set of invisible skills that will equip you in become a more effective coach.
  • Next intake 10-11 July 2020
  • $575 Early Bird (before 14/06/20) Regular $650 (*Group discount available for 5+)
  • Learn from international educator Filipe Pereira
  • 1.1 ACE CEC’s


  • This course is designed to give you an edge over all other fitness professionals by focusing on true coaching mastery and how to coach with purpose. You will learn skills that will equip you to become a more influential and effective coach.
  • If you are just starting in the industry this course will provide a great platform for you to flourish by equipping you with techniques that will build the confidence you need to flourish as a coach.
  • If you are an experienced coach this course will enhance your knowledge by adding new strategies to enhance your coaching ability as well as influencing and gaining new clients.
  • Coaching is culture. Create an environment where clients can flourish, be empowered and remain active for longer

We focus so much time in gaining technical knowledge but so little time in learning how to share this knowledge to others. It is time to take your coaching to an influential and effective new level.


Module 1

‘Your coaching WHY! – Theory and science behind coaching’

We will cover the theory and science behind communication and how that relates to motivation in relation to autonomy; purpose and mastery. By understanding the theory we can then create a platform in which to coach our clients with purpose. Coaching is an essential method to maximise the success of clients. The foundation for all great coaching rests on the bedrock of communication and feedback.

Module 2 ‘Personalising coaching – Styles and preferences’

Coach with purpose is designed to make you a better communicator to your clients. We all have preferred learning styles and by tapping into the power of personality typing we can customise and personalise the way we coach for all our clients. After all each client is unique and a unique approach is required

Module 3 ‘Language of coaching – Powerful ways to communicate’

This is where we explore technical elements of coaching based on the FTI coaching model.Here we delve deep into how best to communicate to clients or our group during a session to maximise their progress and results.We take what we have learned in modules 1 and 2 and in particular how to incorporate personality typing into sessions to create the ultimate client (and coach) flow experience.

Module 4  ‘Facilitating Feedback’

Ways to facilitate feedback before, during and after a session As the powerful saying goes ‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions. This additional pillar of coaching is based on the ‘feedback loop consisting of: We cover the methodology and science behind crafting feedback to enhance the motivation from coach to client or group.

Assessment activity: 90 minutes

Course Timetable Day 1

9:00 – Introduction to ‘Coaching with Purpose’

  • Theory of coaching – knowing your WHY

9:30-1pm – Module 1 – Theory and science behind coaching

Focus of the module:

  • Understanding and applying the self-determination theory
  • Learn and apply ‘Flow theory’ into your coaching
  • Establishing character and values that act as a driving force in our coaching

1pm – Lunch break


Module 2 – Personalising coaching – Styles and preferences

Focus of the module:

  • Implement the OARS method of interviewing to establish personality types
  • Mapping personality types to enhance client experience and outcomes in sessions
  • Learn effective models around listening; learning styles and establishing client preferences

Course Timetable Day 2


Module 3 Language of coaching – Powerful ways to communicate

Focus of the module:

  • Learning a system of cuing based on the different learning styles
  • Incorporate effective verbal techniques and the difference between Internal and external cuing
  • Learn how to break down and coach movement using the ‘Coaching model’

1-2pm – Lunch


Module 4 – facilitating Feedback

Focus of module:

Utilise a number of priming and feedback techniques.

  • Learn the ‘feedback loop’ and how to apply our 5-step communication process
  • Putting feedback into practice before, during and after sessions to create client retention strategies based on trust and authenticity

4pm – Assessment

  • 25 multiple choice
  • coaching role play

5.15-5:30pm Wrap up

  • Review
  • Q & A