Fitness Nutrition Specialist


What’s this course about?

Nutrition for fitness and weight management is critical to overall health and success, but it is a multi-faceted and evolving science with much confusion and misinformation. We know that our fitness goals can never be accomplished without the right nutrition so as a Personal Trainer it is important to provide your clients with up-to-date nutritional information & guidance to help them achieve health goals after dietary assessment. This workshop instructs fitness professionals on how to properly consult clients on macronutrient function and recommendations, the role of our chosen fuels as energy, improving eating behaviors and choices and how to appropriately dispense nutritional education to clients, while staying within scope of practice for personal trainers.

Who will benefit?

Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor

  • 1.2 ACE CEC’s
  • 25th & 26th August 2018
  • Early Bird Price $575 (Before 27th July), Regular Price $650
Course Content
  • Describe energy and its relationship to food.
  • Explain macronutrient role and function within the body.
  • Discuss qualitative methods to assess energy intake and expenditure.
  • Effectively discover client dietary habits
  • Provide nutritional education for healthier eating.
  • Review sports supplements for weight gain and weight loss
  • Exploring popular diets – advantages and disadvantages
Who will be teaching?

Yeoh Ee Ling, is a full-time educator with our sister company FiT Malaysia (FITM). Being the residential dietitian in FITM and a certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, she teaches Nutrition & Weight Management and Exam Reviews in the Personal Trainer Development Programme and contributes to continuing education workshops like Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Health Coach.

She is also a certified EFR instructor and has conducted CPR training for more than 300 trainers and instructors. She has taught trainers from Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, True Fitness etc and sports science students from UPM, UiTM and USM. Ee Ling is a regular contributor for fitness and nutrition articles in Men’s Health and SHAPE magazine and had made appearance in Women’s Weekly and The Star.

Being a fitness enthusiast and an ACE certified Personal Trainer herself, Ee Ling is well verse in both nutrition and fitness, making her stand out from her peers. She enjoys strength training and HIIT and believes in life-long learning because only through that we will learn what we didn’t even know we didn’t know.

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