Fundamentals of Battling Ropes

The ‘Fundamentals of Battling Ropes Training’ is one of only two Battle Ropes Certifications courses on the planet. It is a comprehensive training system that will revolutionise your programs. It will generate excitement, incredible results and great interaction.

The Battling Ropes are a brilliant tool for metabolic training, strength endurance, partner interaction and aerobic endurance. They are dynamic, challenging and multi-dimensional.

The Battle Ropes are often mistaken as a one dimensional tool that is good for short intense bursts of activity through one plane of motion. This could not be further from the truth. Their versatility is one of the key features of the tool as there hundreds of exercises with their own unique function.

There are many different types of Battling Waves that can be performed in the 3 different planes of motion. There are specific techniques for anaerobic endurance, aerobic endurance and power. There are exercises that function in a single plane or multiple planes.

The key is understanding the system and methodology behind each technique. This course will teach you a system of progression so you can teach clients of varying levels and they can be suitably challenged. You will learn how to break each movement into phases and coach it step by step. The course not only covers many exercises in depth but it also teaches you how to create programs that get great results using the battling ropes. You will learn how to program for different parameters and levels of ability.

Battling Ropes are brilliant for groups and generating interaction between people. There are an array of great partner and group exercises that are a combination of wave, pulling and plyometric exercises. They are challenging, unique and enjoyable activities that will enhance your group sessions


  • Learn specific techniques to use these great functional tools for anaerobic endurance, aerobic endurance and power
  • Position yourself as an expert and become one of the few people worldwide that are certified in this terrific training system.
  • Next intake 14th September 2019
  • 0.7 ACE CEC’s available
  • $360 Early Bird (before 25th August 2019) and $400 Regular

Here is why you need this course:

  1. Battling Ropes are Fun and Effective. People love using them and they get great results.
  2. It will make you and your sessions stand out. Your sessions will be creative, unique and enjoyable.
  3. It will position you as an expert as you will be one of few people worldwide that is certified in this terrific training system.

Fitness Educator

Filipe Pereira

Filipe has been passionately working in Fitness and Health industry for over 16 years. With extensive high-level experience in the fitness industry working as a personal trainer since 2002, delivering functional training educational courses across South East Asia for the past three years, as well as managing multi-site fitness facilities in Singapore and Indonesia Filipe is one of the top educators here at Fit Singapore. He is extremely passionate about implementing corrective exercise strategies into strength and conditioning training, with his own education focused the areas of Functional Strength & Conditioning, Sports Management and later specialisations in manual therapy and corrective exercise.

Always looking for the next trend, always expanding my knowledge in fitness education and lifestyle and always looking to perfect and master the relationship between business and Fitness innovations makes Filipe a go to trainer for our students.

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