Fundamentals of Kettlebells Level 3

Fundamentals of Kettlebells Level 3

Build on what you learnt in our fundamentals and advanced kettlebell courses. With the completion of this 2 day kettlebells course, you will become a master of the kettlebells and a world class coach.

There are world first concepts and techniques showcased in this course that will make your sessions STAND OUT from every other coach.


  • Be one of the first to complete this advanced certification from Functional Training Institute Australia and learn new, innovative coaching techniques for the complex kettlebell movements like the swing, clean and snatch.
  • Learn from FTI (Australia) Co-Founder, Tarek Chouja
  • First ever course dates for 2019 TBC
  • Contact info@fitsingapore.sg for course enquires

What you will learn

Advanced coaching techniques
· New and innovative coaching techniques for the complex kettlebell movements like the swing, clean and snatch.

Advanced screening and mobility techniques
· Advanced screening concepts: Learn how to effectively screen for faulty movement patterns in key movements such as the swing, Turkish get-up, strict press and the windmill
· Mobility: Each movement includes a number of myofascial releases, mobilisations and activations to improve quality movement. We have set up a structure and system to follow our effective mobility sequences to add tremendous value to your tool kit.

Advanced Programming
· In this section, particular focus is on metabolic conditioning programs such as AMRAP and Free flowing circuits.
· Learn the unique theory and application behind these programming methods

Advanced movements
· This section covers advanced and innovative movements as well as movement variability.
· New movements covered in progressive detail are: Squat and lunge variations; rocking chair get-ups and snatch variations and much more!

Why do this course?

Stand out as a master kettlebell coach
Learn and apply world first techniques
Learn how to apply kettlebell movements as a movement screen
Learn tremendous programing techniques to make your sessions fun, relevant and progressive


 Educator- Tarek Chouja

Tarek is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Functional Training Institute. In his own words:  “After 10 years of training with Kettlebells, powerbags and battling ropes and after extensive research and training development, Dan and I developed Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training level 1. This fused my passion for fitness with a new found specialty in functional training.

Tarek is also an international presenter having presented numerous times at the biggest convention in Australia ‘Filex’ and also IFEX in Indonesia. In addition Tarek has presented courses to thousands of trainers throughout Australia and Asia.

I have been blessed to have had extensive training in Australia and internationally with kettlebell legends Vasily Ginko and Sergey Rudenev; MMA conditioning expert Joey Alvarado; Battling Ropes founder John Brookfield, Training for Warriors founder Martin Rooney and Rehab expert Ulrik Larson

I have co written and produced Kettlebells level 1 and 2; Fundamentals of MMA Conditioning level 1; assisted in our Kettlebells and Powerbags for Rehab Training and more recently co-produced our CrankIt Fitness Suspension Training/Kettlebells course

I am also wiritng a comprehensive book on functional training concepts alongside my co-founder Dan Henderson which will be released 2016

It is this knowledge and practicality that underpins FTI and I firmly believe that we practice what we preach and it all begins by practicing the most effective training methods the right way”!

In addition, Tarek operates and owns Primal NRG Fitness which is a functional fitness facility specialising in functional training classes based around AIK concepts