Game Changer

This 2 day workshop will give you access to the best coaches, tactics and information so you can have less stress, uncertainty and confusion and more leads, sales and profit.

When we work with clients, we focus on 3 things:

  1. Automating your marketing so it brings you new leads every single day…. We cover the most effective social media strategies that are working today. In addition, we look at how we can build your business into a referral machine and how to leverage content so you are positioned as the expert.
  2. Adding layers of revenue so your business isn’t solely dependent on 1 to 1 training. We explore semi-private training, online coaching, team training and nutrition coaching.
  3. And how to systemize your business so it can run efficiently and effectively without you.
We have a complete system we go through with our clients over the course of 12 months – and instead of spending a year we want to cut your learning curve and spend 2 days together, giving you the complete blueprint to a highly profitable training business.

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  • The ‘Game Changer’ workshop teaches you how to maximise your impact and profit whilst having more flexibility.
  • We work with over 50 fitness business owners and have created the best strategies to grow and scale a successful fitness business.
  • Learn business strategies to accelerate your fitness career, marketing and social media to optimise lead generation and become a champion who stands out in the industry
  • Learn from FTI Co-Founder Daniel Henderson
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This program is designed to empower you both professionally and personally. Your road to success is only limited by your imagination.

In this program you will accelerate your success:

  • Be the go-to coach with access to the most innovative and cutting edge functional training practices.
  • Learn practical and applicable strategies to help you build a thriving business.
  • Become the unique champion who stands apart as a true leader.

The Program is divided into the Game Changer Essentials Program and the Game Changer Elite Program. Both provide access to a series of workshops that will provide a wealth of knowledge from a range of exciting speakers. The Game Changer Elite Program gives you a series of additional benefits to help you reach your goals.


Culture and Foundations
Through this two-day workshop, you will learn how to implement and develop the values and vision that sit behind every successful business.

Marketing Essentials 
In this two-day session, you will build the necessary skills to market your training business. This workshop covers social media, lead generation, advertising and branding, and how you can leverage these techniques.

Building Business Layers
During this two-day program, you will learn the business strategy behind successful businesses, including revenue streams, client retention and business funnels.

What You Will Learn Day 1


  1. The Foundation to a Successful Fitness Business
  • Why you need to Build the ‘Next Generation Fitness Business’
  • The Next Generation Fitness Business Model
  • Uncovering your Why
  • Crafting your Vision, Mission and Values
  1. How to Build an Attraction Model

Marketing Essentials:

  • The Marketing Triangle
  • Creating Engaging Content through the 4 Forces
  • The bullet proof marketing plan

Social Media:

  • Building your Irresistible Offer
  • Creating a landing page prospects simply can’t resist
  • Paid Facebook Strategies – How to get quality leads at low prices
  • Organic Facebook Strategies – How to leverage Facebook to generate leads consistently for free


  • How to turn your fitness business into a 3rdspace that people will love
  • Retention Strategies so your clients will never leave


  • Position yourself as an influencer with great content
  • How to master multiple mediums so you are an authority
  • The 7 Keys to engaging content

What You Will Learn Day 2

  1. Building Business Layers
  • The Layers pyramid that will turn your business into a profit machine

Personal Training:

  • How to price, package and sell 1 on 1 training so you increase income from this premium service
  • How to create leverage through online training
  • How to maximise impact and profit through Semi-Private Training

Team Training:

  • Why bootcamps are dead
  • How to build a successful team training model

Nutrition Coaching:

  • Why nutrition coaching is way of the future
  • The essentials ingredients of great nutrition coaching program
  1. Systems


  • How to sell with authenticity
  • Overcoming objections with confidence and poise
  • The sales system that has prospects excited to work with you


  • The essential systems every training business needs so you never have to stress or worry again
  • How to build a successful team of killers that are inspired, driven and get amazing results
  • Productivity Systems – How to get more done in less time

KPI’s & Financials:

  • The only 5 KPI’s you must measure to track the success of your business
  • The Big 3 financial reports and what they mean to you

Dan Henderson

Dan is the co-founder of the ‘Functional Training’ and is a dynamic presenter who delivers courses to fitness professionals worldwide. He founded one of Sydney’s leading personal training studios ‘Coastal Bodies’. He coaches many business owners the ’Next Generation Fitness Business’ system so they can have more freedom, impact and income. He is also a contributor to several magazines and has presented at major Fitness Conferences around the world.

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