Greater Communication for Coaches

Course content & Learning outcomes

Personality Profiling

  • Understanding people’s personalities will give you an edge to adapt, relate, and improve rapport
  • Learn the four DISC personality traits and what it says about you
  • Understand not only personalities but how to adapt to each one of them specifically for personal training

Understand Motivation

  • Learn how to create an environment where your clients grow their confidence and Motivation
  • Learn the three stages of motivation, Amotivation-Extrinsic Motivation- Intrinsic motivation
  • Learn the long-lasting Behavioural change
  • Understand and apply autonomy, Relatedness and competence. Gain, retain and increase frequency of training with your clients

Breaking barriers to effective communication

Program Coaching

  • Coach your clients by adapting your language based on their personality traits and motivational needs
  • What, how and when you cue will make a massive impact in movement and session overall experience
  • Internal Cuing Vs External cuing and Analogies are a powerful tool to use sessions
  • Use O.A.R.S technique from motivational interviewing, Understand and manage expectations as well as preferred training styles

The five main communication transaction

  • Before they arrive, first five minutes, during the workout, end of workout and post workout are important communicational transactions
  • Understand Priming and feedback techniques for
  • Putting it all together by programming a workout considering personality traits, cuing and motivation levels.

Communication Enhances Experience


  • This course was designed to give you an edge over all other fitness professionals by focusing on a set of invisible skills that will equip you in become a more effective coach.
  • First intake commencing 23rd & 24th March 2019
  • $575 Early Bird (before 01/03/19) Regular $650 (*Group discount available for 5+)
  • Learn from international educator Filipe Pereira
  • 1.1 ACE CEC’s


  • This course was designed to give you an edge over all other fitness professionals by focusing on a set of invisible skills that will equip you in become a more effective coach.
  • If you are just starting in the industry this course will provide a great platform for you to flourish by giving you the tools that will build the confidence you need to grow as a coach
  • If you are an experience coach this course will enhance your knowledge by adding these new strategies for gaining new clients, retention strategies and frequency of training.Create an environment where motivation can flourish, empower your clients so they stay active for longer, understand each each area of your client’s primary needs, script your coaching, and you will have a long-lasting successful career.We focus so much time in gaining technical knowledge but so little time in learning how to share this knowledge to others

Course TimetableDay 1

9:00- Introduction about Greater Communication for Coaches and its impact. Layout expectations for the two days

9:30- Personality Profiling. Understanding people and what makes them unique.

  • Learn about DISC and your DISC profile
  • Each DISC characteristics and how to use them towards a better workout experience.
  • Learn what they need in different settings. Ie, emotional needs, as a leader,appropriate environment around them and more11:00- Design a training program based on your DISC findings and apply these new strategies to maximize a positive training experience12-30 Lunch break
    13:30- Understanding Motivation. The invisible impact motivation will have in yourbusiness.
  • Learn to use Competency, Self-autonomy and relatedness as powerful tools in motivating people
  • Understand behavioural change and and how to apply strategies for long term behavioural change.16:45- Program design continuum, Applying motivational strategies for each specific DISC profile.17:00- Resuming day oneThe invisible power of motivation will impact the way you work with others

Course TimetableDay 2

9:00- Program Coaching, Scripting what you are going to say when you say it within the training session will generate higher retention and frequency of training.

9:30- Learn about OARS from motivational interviewing

  • Apply OARS with the bridge model technique
  • The science of Cuing, internal vs external cuing and its function
  • The power of analogies and its long-term memory effect11:30- Practical, using internal vs external cuing and analogies to initiate – enhance and maximize movement.12:30 – Lunch
    13:30- 5 stages of communicational transactions, we are communicating evenbefore we meet.
  • Go through the five stages of communication
  • Script all five stages for each DISC profile in each stage15:00- Design a workout, continuum
    Putting it all together by adding all 4 elements of communication :

  1. Understanding people and their primary needs
  2. What motivational needs do I need for each DISC
  3. What coaching model I will be using and adapt to each individual
  4. How am I going to use communication in five different stages ofcommunication?

16:45-Closing of day two, review and QnA

We are communicating even before we meet