MASHUP® Certification

Program Description:

Upon completion of this 9-hour course, the instructor/personal trainer will be eligible to coach MASHUP® wherever they choose.

VIIT is the New HIIT!

MASHUP® is the first established Variable – Intensity Interval Training (VIIT) group fitness program in the industry offering Mind/Body, Agility & Strength, and High-intensity Intervals specifically designed for three progressive fitness levels in every workout. VIIT is a research-based circuit training concept in which you rotate between very intense anaerobic periods (HIIT) with medium-intensity (strength) and low-intensity (mind/body) active recovery periods for a shorter, more effective workout. It does not require a club/gym license. The program design and fundamentals are necessary to successfully complete and succeed in the fitness industry as a Certified MASHUP® Coach.

The course includes an introduction to the development and background of MASHUP®, a class demonstration, the science and benefits of Variable-intensity Interval Training (VIIT), sample exercises pertaining to Mind/Body (Yoga/Pilates), Agility & Strength, and High- intensity Intervals, practicum of combining all three modalities into three format sequences, explanation and/or execution of three fitness levels for safety, equipment/music considerations, business integrity, written examination, video examination, and post-workshop video submission and review.


  • Learn the science and benefits of Variable-intensity Interval Training (VIIT), sample exercises pertaining to Mind/Body (Yoga/Pilates), Agility & Strength, and High- intensity Intervals, practicum of combining all three modalities into three format sequences, explanation and/or execution of three fitness levels.
  • Join the first Certification Training in Singapore starlight from USA
  • 10th March 2019 from 9am to 5pm
  • $270 Early Bird (before 10/02/19) Regular $325
  • 0.7 ACE CEC’s

Course Includes:

  • One intensive full-day live workshop, followed by individual post workshop examination & i lecture (3 hrs)
  • Reference manual with several hundred sample exercises to implement within the 3 modalites and 3 sample workouts
  • Three high-energy playlists required to use for each of the three formats with coaching commands embedded from start to finish
  • Three whiteboard templates w/suction cups required to utilize during class
  • 0.7 ACE/ 11 AFAA/ 1.1 NASM CECs
  • Early registration $270/ Late registration $325, fitness groups of 5 or more can access a group discount. Additional new monthly playlists, sample workouts, and discounts on apparel are optional
  • A free T-shirt, tank top or hat

Recommended Proficiencies:

Instructors/Personal Trainers wishing to enroll in this certification workshop must possess a positive and professional image; have effective communication skills, and a desire to help individuals achieve optimal wellness.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn and understand the components of a holistic training philosophy and MASHUP®’s key holistic factors for successful program implementation.
  • Identify and relate science and benefits of delivering a Variable-intensity Interval Training program that combines Mind/Body, Agility & Strength, and High-intensity Intervals for 3 fitness levels in every class.
  • Accurately identify and apply exercises as appropriate to each modality:
    • Mind/Body
    • Agility & Strength
    • High-intensity Intervals
  • Identify and assess participant’s health conditions and fitness levels.
    • Demonstrate safety for all participants
    • Learn inclusive terminology for three progressive fitness levels and accurately execute allexercises for these levels every time in 15 seconds or less.
    • Identify physiological, anatomical, and psychological conditions affecting ability to exercise.
    • Monitor exercise intensity and utilize effective strategies to correct movements as appropriate for the level of intensity in order to prevent injury.
    • Implement effective communication skills with participants (provide effective pre-cueing, cueing, and maintaining eye contact)
  • Learn and implement the MASHUP® formats safely and effectively
    • TEMPO
    • SPRINT
  • Learn equipment considerations
    • Sound
    • Facility
    • Equipmentd. Apparel
  • Understand basic tenets of health and the coaches’ role in promotion of optimal wellness of participants during their workout and beyond
    • Emphasize significance of health tenets (proper nutrition, sleep and additionalhealthy lifestyle factors) on achieving fitness goals and optimal wellness
  • 8. Comply with MASHUP® business integrity
    • Maintain requirements for coaching MASHUP® (Current BLS, Current Nationally Group Fitness or Personal Training certification, speciality certification or degree in a related area)
    • Uphold individual and certifying body’s professionalism and integrity
  • Utilize MASHUP® Resources appropriately as needed


Jonathan Goh is ACE Certified Personal Trainer, GFIT Certified Instructor, BodyPump Instructor, Master Trainer for MASHUP® Conditioning, and Winner of Asia Fitness Idol 2018 in Asia Fitness Conference. He is a Fitness Professional with VirginActive Singapore, and was nominated as “PT of The Year” in VirginActive Star Awards 2017; created a group fitness program named “Suspension Circuit” which quickly became very popular among its members. Being a hybrid/progressive trainer, his found his niche in movement and flow training using functional equipment like ViPR / Kettlebells; martial arts (Muay Thai and TaiChi) which include strength, endurance, and cardiovascular training in every workout. His fitness message is “resilience and sustainability in fitness throughout our life can be achieved by training according to the movement integration of our body.