MetaPRO is the Next Level Course for our Experienced and Loyal Coaches.

    • 1-Day certification. You’ll learn advanced TRUE HIIT and SAQ science, MetaPRO fundamentals and how integrate PRO12, PROSAQ and PROPT programs into your business.
    • PRO12. Ultra high intensity 12-minute workouts that will push your clients to their absolute max.
    • New Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ) workouts that will challenge clients with new functional movements and training drills.
    • 1 on 1 and small group training tracks, with varied exercises and combinations to give clients measurable goals, targets and specific coaching techniques.
    • Free workouts.All the MetaPRO workouts are completely FREE!! As a PRO coach, once you have completed the 1 day workshop you will get access to the tracks for the life of your Metafit subscription.

    One course, three separate unique programs and free workouts – it’s time to become a MetaPRO!


  • Become a MetaPRO and take your HIIT training to the new (and fun) places
  • NEW Date: 18 October 2020 –> Previously 21st June 2020
  • Early Bird Price $300 (before 06th September 2020), Regular Price $350

    Combo Special with Metafit: Early Bird Price $550 (before 06th September 2020), Regular Price $650

  • Pre-requisite – must have completed MetaFit and be an active subscribing Coach.
  • 0.8 ACE CEC’s

1-Day PRO certification (only available to Metafit coaches)

  • Free access to the metaPRO workouts on completion of course
  • Advanced HIIT principles, energy systems & latest research
  • PRO12 intense HIIT workouts
  • PT specific workouts
  • Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) workouts
  • Marketing & Media
  • 0.8 ACE CEC’s

Dan Scanlon is an Australian fitness professional, with over 10 years’ of varied experience in the industry. Dan manages the Metafit™ franchises for Australasia, Canada and the USA (East). Metafit™ is the original HIIT program that combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest interval techniques. Dan travels extensively training Metafit Coaches to deliver the true HIIT principals the brand is known for. He also owns and operates a successful personal training studio in Melbourne. Dan is equally passionate about developing Metafit Coaches around the world and helping people get fitter and stronger one on one.