Mobility Training

Mobility Training will make a Profound difference to your Training and your Business. With a properly designed Mobility program you will decrease the likelihood on injuries occurring among your clients. You will also help them move far more efficiently so they get the most out of your exercises.

A light run and some static stretching is not a warm-up. Rather, you need to be incorporating specific soft tissue release exercises, joint mobilisations for stiff muscles and activation’s for weak muscles. In fact, static stretching is one the things you should avoid in a warm-up!

If a client cannot complete an exercise properly then you are wasting your time telling them proper technique without addressing the root cause. A properly designed Mobility program will do this!

This is why Fit Singapore offers and Accredited Mobility Course from Functional Training Institute Australia.


  • Get certified by Australia’s first ever accredited Mobility Educators
  • Learn from International Fitness Industry Leaders
  • Receive unlimited access to Comprehensive Resources such as Videos, Manuals and Articles to further refine and sharpen your skills.
  • You will receive a Comprehensive Manual, Certificates and 0.6 ACE CEC’s
  • Mobility Training & Fundamentals of Powerbag Training on 3rd & 4th March 2018
  • $675 Early Bird Combo (before 9th Feb 2018) Regular Price $750 (contact us to enrol individual courses)
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  • You will Keep Clients Longer! Clients love individual attention, massage, stretching and improved posture.
  • You will go from a good to GREAT Trainer! You will Stand out with this superior Knowledge.
  • You will get Clients BETTER Results. They will be able to complete exercises through a full ROM.
  • You will increase your Reputation which will result in a flurry of Referrals and New Clients

What’s this course about?

Mobility is an essential component of ANY exercise program. This is the case whether it is a one-on-one session or group exercise session. It is paramount to helping your participants move better and minimising the chances of injury occurring. Most people have misunderstood mobility and think that it is merely a few stretches before a session. This couldn’t be further from the truth and this kind of routine will often lead to less efficient movement. There is a combination of both theory and practical components. Participants work together in groups as they practice the techniques and see the impact it has on movements. The course is supported with a series of videos and detailed manual so participants have resources to continually refer to. Our seated posture has placed an even greater emphasis on the importance of mobility training. Clients do not want to just look good but they also want to feel good and move better. Clients don’t want aggravating niggles present as they exercise. Instead, they want good posture and a reduction of pain from previous injuries.

Who will benefit?

Fitness enthusiast, gym instructor, fitness instructor, personal trainer, group fitness instructors, physical education teachers and general public.

What’s covered?

The course covers the essential components of any well designed mobility program in depth: Joint Rolling; Self-Myofascial Release; Mobilisations; Activations; Stretching. It is a combination of these elements that will enable clients to move more freely and through a greater range of motion when exercising.

Learning materials

FTI Fundamentals of Mobility for Functional Training manual


Upon completion of the course, you will receive Functional Training Institute’s Certificate of Completion on Fund

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