What is ProBar Mobility?

ProBar is the only professional grade mobility system with patented twist and pull to intuitively correct the way you move by developing resisted and loaded mobility.

The problem
Our body’s natural ability to move freely has been compromised by the modern lifestyle. Whether a person has been highly active and training hard at the gym day-after-day, or led a mostly sedentary life, sitting at their desk for long hours, their body is suffering from tightness, imbalances and a lack of mobility

The Solution
Now the highest-quality and most versatile bar-based mobility system on the market, the ProBar corrects poor movement patterns and creates a wider, more precise range of motion for enhanced, injury-free performance. In the ring, on the field, green or court, or throughout your everyday life, the ProBar will help you move better.

Why Mobility Matters
The ProBar was developed out of the necessity to help people move again. Training strength, speed and endurance are all important factors in health and fitness, but mobility is the crux. Open hips will make a runner faster; a full range of motion will make a golfer’s drive longer. Without mobility, athletes can’t maximize their performance to reach their potential best


  • Learn how to rest your body and optimise your mobility and your clients. Correct dysfunctional or deficient movement patterns while minimizing the risk of injuries. The ProBar Mobility system is built around two training modalities and can be configured in three different ways .Best of all, you can take it almost everywhere you go!
  • Learn from ProBar Founder, Phillipe Til himself
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  • 0.7 ACE CEC’s

Why You Need the ProBar

Optimise Your Mobility
Using the ProBar in your exercise routine helps correct and improve shoulder and thoracic dysfunction, which contributes to better overall mobility through the rest of your body. Often a simple correction will have “trickle down” benefits systemically.

Reduce Injury Rates
Lower injury risks with the ProBar’s patented Twist and Pull feature, a self-correcting, auto-dialing mechanism that properly stimulates the right muscles and promotes greater range of motion.

Quicker Recovery
Restore balance in the muscles, increase freedom of movement and joint mobility for faster recovery between sessions.

Enhance Your Performance
Improved mobility with optimized muscle activation leads to performance gains. In the ring, on the field, green or court, or all through your regular day to day existence, the ProBar enable you to move better. Simply put, the ProBar can offer you a more effective warm-up in less time, leading to better performance and more time spent doing the things you love!

The ProBar

The ProBar’s “1-2-3” bar-based mobility system auto-dials into your muscles for a more dynamic and injury-free lifestyle. It is 1 tool that revolves around 2 training modalities and it can be configured 3 different ways, to program your workouts optimally.

One Tool
The ProBar Mobility Tool is convenient, functional and spontaneous tool that has unlimited potential for mobility, flexibility, strength, stability, and coordination workout.

Two Modalities
The ProBar Twist & Pull Activation, also known as distraction and extension stimulate the three forms of the ProBar for a brand-new convenient and excellent exercise routine. Manipulate Leverage of The ProBar, manipulate the weight either lighter or heavier which creates an immense extent of motion at smaller muscular force.

Three Configurations
Short – For straightforward and impressive way to demonstrate the ProBar Configuration that can distribute an entire workout on its own. Long – For wider hand position specifically atop point and stance adjustment. Concurrent rump and prior succession performance with a combo of centralized load and spring distraction.

Dual Weighted – For an extensive collection of mobility workout blended with support exercise, improve weight span and clench firmness as well efficiently.

What is Certified ProBar Mobility Trainer?

ProBar provides the room for individuals to restore mobility despite of their professions or background. With the utilisation of ProBar, individuals are able to perform certain exercises or movements that could benefit in their sports as well as their respective lifestyles by minimising the risks of injuries and aid overall recovery. The versatility of ProBar training allows it to be applied as an exercise tool and also a rehabilitation tool. Becoming a ProBar Instructor, you are able to coach and demonstrate the ProBar tool for clients of all ability levels.

*Perform movement screen before tailoring ProBar exercise to respective individuals.
*Configure and use ProBar for personal use.
*Explain the effectiveness and benefits of ProBar.
*Demonstrate and progress ProBar exercises accordingly to individual’s capabilities.

Fitness Educator


Founder of ProBar Mobility
With over three decades practicing a variety of martial arts ranging from the traditional Shotokan, to more fluid Eskrima and Kali, acrobatic Capoeira and stealthy Ninjutsu, Philippe Til has also dedicated his professional personal training careers focusing on restorative movements and arts after having suffered a spinal injury whose effects trickled down to other parts of his body. Electing to avoid any surgery, Philippe decided to dig deeper into the development of strength skills, kettlebell training, Indian Clubs and the natural design of the human body by gathering knowledge from established coaches in various fields of fitness, from Pavel Tsatsouline, to Dr Ed Thomas, Gray Cook, Brett Jones and also by researching the Physical Education he underwent during his childhood, at a time when P.E. was still a strong element of the educational curriculum. Philippe has, over time, held or is still holding, certifications through the RKC, SFG, NASM, IFPA, CICS, FMS and FCS. Philippe also is the inventor of a patented bar-based mobility system that revolves around his invention, the ProBar™, a versatile piece of equipment that helps increase mobility through self-corrective exercises. He is also a surfer, and lives in Southern California with his wife Noëlle and two sons Fletcher and Branson.