(FIT) Senior Fitness Specialist

Do you want to play an important role in keeping the growing population of seniors healthy and active by learning how to design effective exercise programs for this Special Population Group. Our Senior Fitness Specialist Course will allow you to develop the confidence and skills to design training programs catered to the needs of seniors with an understanding of the aging process and common medical conditions.

Learn how to design programs in regard to cardiorespiratory training, strength training, balance and flexibility training for different levels of function: physically fit, physically independent, physically dependent and frail older adults.ย Receive in-depth training on strategies and movements; how to conduct meaningful assessments; how to create and develop effective exercise programs; and critical skills to be an effective professional working with this special population group.


  • Learn valuable new knowledge, skills, and expertise for older clients and also applicable for clients in recovery
  • Learn from international educator and Fit Managing Director, Suzanne Hosley
  • ACE CEC’s 1.1
  • Next Courseย TBA (August intake cancelled)
  • Early Bird Price $590 (before TBA) Regular $650

This will be the credential of choice for years to come for those specializing in the 50+ market.

This course is for anybody who deals with elderly clients. The test protocols and risk assessments are designed for the age of 50 plus, but can be applied to younger age groups. Bear in mind here that anybody who has suffered a major injury or trauma would also fall into this category as they have slower reaction times and limited ranges of motion.

The course outlines programming with regrgressions and progressions for those who fall into this category, looks at the major anatomical, physiological and skeletal changes to consider along with other age related risk factors. Top industry professionals advise they use the content from this course in some way with a wide range of different clients, by adapting or modifying programs for their unique needs and can also use the content to reference particular health concerns and contraindications.

Course Aims

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the benefits of exercise for adults over 55 years of age
  • Describe the major anatomical, physiological, skeletal changes with aging and risk factors seniors may face
  • Explain the particular health concerns and contraindications for exercise for older adults
  • Use some of the more common assessments for older adults of differing levels of function
  • Design exercise programmes for seniors of all levels of fitness/frailty

Methodologies Used:

Lecturettes, small group discussion, demonstrations, paired role-play and case studies will be used during the course. Course Manual and handouts will be provided.


  • Fitness instructor
  • Personal trainer
  • Advanced fitness enthusiasts

What Is Covered?

  • The physiology of aging
  • Aging and nutrition
  • Pre-exercise interview and screening
  • Physical-fitness assessments
  • Common health challenges faced by older adults
  • Exercise programming for older adults

The Educator

Suzanne Hosley

Education and Qualifications:

ACE CPT, Health Coach; ISSN SNS; DBA, MBA, BSc. Psychology

Achievements: Founded and Manage Fit, Founded and Manage Asia Fitness Conference (with the help of my team)

Formal Position:Too many to mention!

Hobbies:Hiking, scuba diving, running, reading

Fitness Specialization: CPT, Health Coach, Womenโ€™s Fitness Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Favourite Workout Type:Functional surprise

Favourite Food: Italian, Japanese, anything with wine

Most Common Food:Salad

Personality: Yes.

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