Series Tabata Level 1

Series Tabata Level 1

This workshop is open for anyone who wants to become a Series Tabata Instructor. There are no pre-requisites, although interest in anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition and types of training regimes would be highly recommended. Upon completion of the first day of the workshop, you will be able to teach Series Tabata Level 1. All participants will receive a Series Tabata Instructor Workshop Attendance Certificate and discounted access to the online videos and tutorials on the website. You must be 18 or older to attend.

NOTE: You are not receiving a “professional” license or certification of any kind by completing Series Tabata Instructor Workshops or becoming a Series Tabata Instructor.


  • Start 22nd April from 9am to 5pm
  • $300 (Early Bird before 9th April) Regular Price $350

What you will learn?

  • Masterclass demo
  • Characteristic of HIIT and Tabata
  • Structure of Series Tabata classes
  • Theory and reasons behind Series Tabata
  • Peripheral Heart Action ( PHA) training
  • Primal and basic exercises
  • Progressive overloading
  • Target: Strength, Power and Speed
  • How tho create a Series Tabata class
  • Exercise Progression
  • Coaching


Customizable workout videos and music: Series TabataTM Speed/Cardio and Series TabataTM Strength videos have no license fees and can be adapted to all fitness levels. Exclusive soundtracks for Series Tabata Instructors provide countdowns and timings for HIIT training.

Instructor Training Workshops: We have more than 40 qualified Instructors in South America and Asia, and are constantly expanding our network.

Educational website: Advice on technique and nutrition with free Exercise of the Week clips to add training variety.


We follow the structure of Tabata: 20 seconds maximum intensity, 10 seconds rest, 8 rounds, 4 minutes total.

We use basic exercises and primal movements: Simple, functional movements improve movement quality and provide a multi-planar stimulus.

We use progressive overloading: By varying our exercises, we ensure that muscle groups and movement patterns are targeted in different ways.

We use VO2 max training: Our exercises test speed and reactivity, pushing your body to the right levels.

We use Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) training: Exercises alternate between upper and lower body, combining with the VO2 max push to keep heart levels elevated and achieve more repetitions.

We offer kettlebells (Strength version only): Kettlebells provide an extra optional challenge to strength and mobility, helping to build up tendons and ligaments for tougher joints.

We pre-choreograph and advise on coaching: Our program has been carefully researched, offering safe and effective training with progressive and regressive options for all levels.

  • – Build training programs to realign muscle tonicity and function
  • – Provide remedial exercises to clients that help decompress joints and relieve pain

Who is the course for?

Anyone over 18 who is a fitness professional or fitness enthusiast with an interest in anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition and types of training regimes.

Fitness Educator

Esteban Merchán

Esteban Merchán is from Colombia and has over 16 years experience in the international fitness industry. He lived in Asia for six years, teaching in exclusive clubs California Fitness (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) and Pure Fitness (Singapore). Esteban runs Gimnasio Universal in Barranquilla – Colombia’s first gym to offer functional training, cross-training and T3 HIIT classes. He is a certified instructor for Tabata, Kettlebells, TRX and Pilates. Esteban is a former Les Mills national presenter and trainer of trainers for BODYATTACK™ . He is also a licensed instructor for BODYATTACK™ , BODYPUMP™ , RPM™ , GRIT™ , CX WORX™ , BODYSTEP™ and BODYBALANCE™/BODYFLOW™. Esteban represents TRAINFITNESS in South America as their Education Manager, delivering T3 and fx workshops via Barranquilla’s Escuela de la Capacitacion para el Acondicionamiento Fisico (ECAF). He also offers Australia’s Functional Training Institute (FTI) courses in South America.

Fitness Educator

Cassandra Chan

Cassandra Chan is from Singapore and has been active in fitness for 20 years. Cassandra is a qualified instructor for Metafit and Metapwr HIIT workouts and TRX, and also teaches step, freestyle aerobics and Pilates. She is certified in Les Mills BodyPump™, BodyCombat™ and BodyBalance™, and is pursuing her Precision Nutrition qualifications. Cassandra currently works as a life and executive coach in Asia.