Series Tabata™ Speed/Cardio

Series Tabata™ Speed/Cardio (L1)

Series Tabata™ (Speed/Cardio) take Tabata’s strict timing protocol and applies it to a gradually intensifying series of exercises – culminating in a final round exceeding 100% VO2 max. You will understand how this structure lets us incorporate more rounds, enabling clients to train longer with faster results. Learn how we uniquely blend primal movements and basic exercises to improve movement quality and provide multi-planar stimulus. See how progressive overload via exercise variation targets muscle groups and movement patterns in different ways. Learn how Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) training, when combined with VO2 max training, empowers clients to achieve the required repetitions. Find out how pre-choreography ensures a consistent application of training techniques, while our intensive coaching and support materials will never leave you unprepared. Our workshop gives you the knowledge, tools, and guidance you need to deliver our program in a safe, effective, and fun way.


This workshop is open for anyone who wants to become a Series Tabata™ Level 1 (Speed/Cardio) Coach. There are no pre-requisites, although interest in anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition and types of training regimes would be highly recommended. Upon completion of the workshop, you will be able to teach Series Tabata™ Speed/Cardio. You must be 18 or older to attend.


  • 0.7 ACE CEC’s
  • Next Course Thursday 11th April 2019 from 9am to 5pm
  • $320 (Special Early Bird until 17th March) Regular Price $370
  • COMBO Speed/Cardio + Strength just $625 (Early Bird before 17th March) Regular Price $725

What you will learn?

  • Masterclass demo
  • Characteristic of HIIT and Tabata
  • Structure of Series Tabata classes
  • Theory and reasons behind Series Tabata
  • Peripheral Heart Action ( PHA) training
  • Primal and basic exercises
  • Progressive overloading
  • Target: Strength, Power and Speed
  • How tho create a Series Tabata class
  • Exercise Progression
  • Coaching


09.00 Masterclass (class participation)
09.40 Characteristics of HIIT and Tabata
10.10 Framework of Series Tabata classes
10.20 Theory and scientific training techniques
10.35 How we use primal and basic exercises
11.15 Break
11.25 How we use Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) training 12.05 How we use progressive overload
12.45 Lunch
13.30 How we use VO2max training
14.10 Participant presentations
15.00 Break
15.10 Coaching advice and theory
15.50 Coach Workshop Program levels and benefits 16.00 Participant presentations
17.00 End of workshop

Customizable workout videos and music: Series TabataTM Speed/Cardio and Series TabataTM Strength videos have no license fees and can be adapted to all fitness levels. Exclusive soundtracks for Series Tabata Instructors provide countdowns and timings for HIIT training.


– Explain the differences between HIIT and Tabata and how to apply the training regime correctly
– Identify the structure, science and safety principles behind Series TabataTM Speed/Cardio classes

– Explain how to properly instruct clients via progressive, regressive and modified exercise sequences and how to achieve proficiency in fundamental movement patterns


This workshop is open to fitness professionals and private fitness enthusiasts alike. There are no pre- requisites, although interest in anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition and training regimes would be highly recommended. Fitness professionals (e.g. small group instructors, personal trainers) will be able to add another program to their toolbox. You will learn (theory and practice) how to choreograph our program yourself, and you will be able to use this structure with small groups or one a 1-1 basis. If you prefer pre-choreographed classes, you will have access to these every quarter (3 months) in our online store. Private fitness enthusiasts will be able to add another dimension to their training. Our workshop will teach you how to conduct classes safely and effectively, ensuring that you minimize injury risk and achieve targeted results quickly. Upon completion of the workshop, you will be able to teach Series TabataTM Speed/Cardio. Participants must be 18 or older to attend.

Fitness Educator

Esteban Merchán

Esteban Merchán is from Colombia and has over 16 years experience in the international fitness industry. He lived in Asia for six years, teaching in exclusive clubs California Fitness (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) and Pure Fitness (Singapore). Esteban runs Gimnasio Universal in Barranquilla – Colombia’s first gym to offer functional training, cross-training and T3 HIIT classes. He is a certified instructor for Tabata, Kettlebells, TRX and Pilates. Esteban is a former Les Mills national presenter and trainer of trainers for BODYATTACK™ . He is also a licensed instructor for BODYATTACK™ , BODYPUMP™ , RPM™ , GRIT™ , CX WORX™ , BODYSTEP™ and BODYBALANCE™/BODYFLOW™. Esteban represents TRAINFITNESS in South America as their Education Manager, delivering T3 and fx workshops via Barranquilla’s Escuela de la Capacitacion para el Acondicionamiento Fisico (ECAF). He also offers Australia’s Functional Training Institute (FTI) courses in South America.

Fitness Educator

Cassandra Chan

Cassandra Chan is from Singapore and has been active in fitness for 20 years. Cassandra is a qualified instructor for Metafit and Metapwr HIIT workouts and TRX, and also teaches step, freestyle aerobics and Pilates. She is certified in Les Mills BodyPump™, BodyCombat™ and BodyBalance™, and is pursuing her Precision Nutrition qualifications. Cassandra currently works as a life and executive coach in Asia.