Theoretical Foundations of Functional Training

If you’re a personal trainer who is passionate about improving client’s results, then you will love our Accredited Theoretical Foundations Course Workshop (TF).

Theoretical Foundations Course Workshop is the next step for passionate Personal Trainers wanting to take their Career and Clients to the next level. This course goes in-depth about the anatomy of human body and how the body reacts to movement and training in technical terms. Its designed to give you a complete scientific break down of every aspect of Training and in particular Functional Training. This Theoretical Foundations Course will give you a complete understanding of the technical movements, reactions, anatomy, and how they are all connected throughout every stage of training.

Not only will you gain a complete understanding of the technicalities but you will also be able to apply complex and proper programming that coincides with what you have learnt to help with your coaching and training of clients.

On the day of the course you will receive a comprehensive manual that outlines all the key concepts covered and all the different resources necessary to apply your new skill set immediately.

If you’re a personal trainer who wants the edge, join us with TF today!


  • Theoretical Foundations Course will give you a complete understanding of the technical movements, reactions, anatomy, and how they are all connected throughout every stage of training.
  • Learn in-depth on Applied Functional Anatomy, Assessment, Mindset & Coaching and Programming
  • Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th September from 9am to 5pm
  • 1.4 ACE CEC’s available
  • $675 Early Bird (before 25/08/2017) and $750 regular

Here is why you need this course:

1. The Theoretical Foundations course is essential if you want to implement successful training regimes and well guided programs and coaching strategies.

2. Start your journey to becoming a masterful trainer and coach while gaining a complete expert understanding of how the body mitigates stress and forces, identifying immobilisations and pain within clients, reduce the risk of injuries while training, and how to design advanced specific programming for your clients.

3. Help enhance your skills as a Personal Trainer, Coach, and Anatomy Expert before you act with your clients. This is the Fundamental course you need to have before you even apply any training with your clients.

4. Stand out from the other trainers in Singapore. WOW your clients with your extensive and in-depth knowledge on every aspect of their training and body. While also maintaining that impressive and steady income

What to expect?

We take you on a journey of understanding, that gets your down to the roots of your own personal philosophy around training and also how you are going to apply your skill set to get the most out of your clients.

Theoretical Foundations is a single day face to face course that is broken down into 4 Modules for natural flow and easy learning experience:

  1. Assessment Module
  2. Applied Functional Anatomy Module
  3. Mindset and Coaching
  4. Programming Module

Who will benefit?

Fitness enthusiast, gym instructor, fitness instructor, personal trainer, group fitness instructors, physical education teachers and general public.

What’s covered?

  • Applied Functional Anatomy – This module introduces the myofascial lines and discovers how the body mitigates stress and forces. This helps to decrease injury with clients and also to optimise mechanics. We also learn how to regulate optimal breathing for training at different intensities.
  • Assessment – This module gives you a 3D assessment tool which looks at the a clients past injury and current pain. It then moves into assessing ankle, hip and t spine to ensure safe movement can occur. We then move into our reactive pain screen to work out which movement may be contraindicated.
  • Mindset and Coaching – This module enhances your communication skills and teaches you to adapt your language for different clients to enhance learning and transfer of skills. We also explore cueing for various outcomes.
  • Programming – This module gives you a system of client planning to enhance progressive adaptation and long term retention of clients. This module draws apon all the information gathered in the previous three modules to guide you to developing a comprehensive well thought out training system.


Fitness Educator

Filipe Pereira

Filipe has been passionately working in Fitness and Health industry for over 16 years. With extensive high-level experience in the fitness industry working as a personal trainer since 2002, delivering functional training educational courses across South East Asia for the past three years, as well as managing multi-site fitness facilities in Singapore and Indonesia Filipe is one of the top educators here at Fit Singapore. He is extremely passionate about implementing corrective exercise strategies into strength and conditioning training, with his own education focused the areas of Functional Strength & Conditioning, Sports Management and later specialisations in manual therapy and corrective exercise.

Always looking for the next trend, always expanding my knowledge in fitness education and lifestyle and always looking to perfect and master the relationship between business and Fitness innovations makes Filipe a go to trainer for our students.

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