Women’s Fitness Essentials

Address the very special needs of women – through all their life phases – and help them achieve their fitness goals.

What’s this course about?

Help women meet their health and fitness goals by creating individualized training programs specific to their needs during each unique life phase. You’ll be able to expand your expertise and help women—from adolescent to senior, pre- and postnatal to overweight—safely meet their health and fitness goals while also teaching them how exercise can positively impact their health. Whatever their life phases, you will be able to utilize the knowledge and safely address the needs of your female clients.


  • Help women at all life stages meet their health and fitness goals
  • Discuss special exercise and nutritional needs, design effective programs and boost your reputation
  • 0.6 ACE CEC’s

    **NEW DATES** Next Course dates 30th August 2020

  • Early Bird $270 (before 26 July 2020) Regular $300

    COMBO available with Senior Fitness Specialist on 28-29 August 2020,

    Early Bird just $790 (before 26 July 2020) Regular $860 (saving over $150)

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What will you gain from this course?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain physiological, anatomical and psychosocial factors specific to the female body.
  • Discuss special exercise and nutritional needs for women in different phases of their lives.
  • Design effective programs to help women achieve their goals using the OPT ™ model
  • Boost your reputation, career, and client base by training women of all ages and body types, including younger, pre- and postnatal, and older women
  • Teach clients about good nutrition and how to manage their weight
    • Provide corrective exercise, cardiovascular, and small-group training
  • Invest in your client’s lives and futures . . . as well as your own!

Who will benefit?

Fitness enthusiast, gym instructor, fitness instructor, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and general public.

Please contact us for upcoming course dates info@fitsingapore.sg

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