YogaFit founded is the largest yoga mind body fitness school in the world, with emphasis on sports science and alignment principles as well as the ancient traditions of Yoga. Bringing Yoga to everybody in a safe accessible and adaptable way YogaFit allows for a full range of fitness levels age groups and health conditions while maintaining the essence of the practice.


Open to fitness instructors, personal trainers, medical providers, teachers and healthcare professionals you will not only improve your practice but will change the way you communicate with yourself and clients. YogaFit Trainings are also perfect for yoga enthusiasts that want to deepen their personal practice. Practitioners of all lineages can benefit from taking a YogaFit training, having trained over 250000 people around the world and over 50 different educational modules.

YogaFit for Injury Prevention/Recovery

No one likes to get injured. But for an athlete, an injury can constitute a major setback and even hinder or end a professional career. Unfortunately, once an injury does occur, the likelihood of recurrence or additional problems increases. With its dual focus on recovery and prevention, this two­-day intensive shows you how to help athletes return to their game post-­injury and, perhaps more important, help them prevent injuries in the first place so they can stay in the game. Ideal for sports professionals who work with athletes—yoga teachers, personal trainers, physiotherapists, and strength and conditioning coaches.


  • Learn from one of the worlds leading Yoga Education Schools right here in Singapore
  • Join Master Trainer Jenn Tarrant all the way from USA
  • 5th to 8th September 2019
  • Seniors $350 Early Bird (before 4th August) Regular $400
  • Prenatal $350 Early Bird (before 4th August) Regular $400
  • INJURY PREVENTION/RECOVERY $450 Early Bird (before 4th August) Regular $525
  • COMBO $1050 Early Bird (before 4th August) Regular $1225

What you will learn:

  • To identify and assess risk factors for the most common sports-­related injuries
  • To navigate the complex world and unique challenges of athletes, whether they’re professional, die­hards, or weekend warriors
  • How conventional medicine manages sports injuries and how yoga complements conventional treatment options
  • How adding yoga to an athlete’s training regimen can promote wellness, enhance performance and longevity, and prevent injuries
  • How yoga can be a corrective and strengthening exercise for all­-around elite performance and longevity
  • How to create a yoga program that will enhance strength, flexibility, balance and focus for both professional and casual athletes
  • How to create an individualized, therapeutically­ oriented yoga program using sequencing, breathing techniques, meditation, and other yoga­-based methods that focus on intervention, activity modification, and rehabilitation

Continuing Education Credits
– 1.7 ACE CECs
– 16 Yoga Alliance CEUs

YogaFit Seniors

This one‐day workshop offers ways to modify YogaFit classes to make them accessible to individuals over the age of 55, regardless of their fitness levels. You may take this workshop at any time that fits with your schedule, after completing Level One.

What you will learn:

  • Adaptations of the poses from Level One chosen to improve posture and balance, increase range of motion, and develop self‐confidence
  • How to use props, including chairs, straps, blocks and bolsters, to make poses accessible for a range of physical abilities
  • How to teach a multilevel class that challenges those seniors who are physically fit while offering a variety of modifications for those who lead a more sedentary lifestyle
  • The seven principles of alignment
  • Practical tips for communicating consciously and inclusively
  • Suggested sequencing
  • How to modify for seniors with special conditions, including osteoporosis, hip replacements, and menopausal challenges

Continuing Education Credits
– 0.8 ACE CECs
– 8 Yoga Alliance CEUs

YogaFit Prenatal

Designed exclusively for YogaFit by a board‐certified OB/GYN, this one‐day workshop explores the physical and emotional changes women face during pregnancy and offers classic yoga poses, linked together in a gentle flow, that are appropriate for pregnancy and the postnatal experience.

Note: YogaFit Prenatal fulfills the specialty requirement necessary for completion of your YogaFit 200‐hour teacher training certification. You may take this program at any time that works for your schedule.

  • A brief overview of the female reproductive system
  • What happens during each trimester of pregnancy, including the physical changes for the mother and the baby
    Proper breathing and pelvic floor exercises to prepare the body for labor and birthing
  • Twenty‐one prenatal poses, including modifications of Level One poses and new poses that provide specific prenatal benefits
  • How to structure a prenatal class that offers a well rounded combination of poses for strength, flexibility, and endurance; opportunities to increase mental awareness; and time for bonding and sharing expectations.
  • How to teach and create sequences for Prenatal Partner Yoga
  • How to use props effectively to create a safe and appropriate experience
  • How to structure a class that includes prenatal and postnatal students
  • How to work with post‐cesarean students
  • Forty Level One poses that are appropriate for most postnatal moms

Continuing Education Credits
– 0.8 ACE CECs
– 8 Yoga Alliance CEUs

Fitness Educator


Jenn, a Certified Yoga Therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists, is based in Phoenix, AZ and teaches group yoga classes, local and virtual yoga workshops and courses, as well as individual yoga sessions that are therapy-oriented helping people find inner tranquility and outer balance. Her dedication to on-going education and thousands of hours working with groups and individuals enables her to design classes, workshops, and private sessions that are safe and effective for clients with a wide-array of experiences and concerns. Jenn has been committed to facilitating personal growth for over two decades in a variety of roles including yoga therapist, yoga teacher/therapist master trainer, yoga instructor, presenter, and retreat presenter. She found her passion in yoga over 10 years ago while taking her first yoga class as a complement to her marathon training schedule. She immediately added yoga practices to her cross-training and soon realized how truly therapeutic yoga can be for mind and body.  Jenn completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance RYT in 2007 and her 500-hour Yoga Alliance RYT in 2014 and continues to study yoga and yoga therapy with a wide variety of teachers. Jenn has well over 5000 hours teaching experience in both Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist roles. Jenn is a Senior Master Trainer for YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide where she leads Yoga Teacher Trainings and workshops including Healing Emotional and Physical Trauma, Warriors (addresses PTSD), and Addiction and Recovery. Jenn holds a Bachelors Degree in Education, and holds a Group Fitness Certification with the American Council on Exercise.

Jenn first enjoyed the benefits of the mind-body-spirit connection through yoga as she   trained for marathons and quickly realized how the practices truly changed her life. As a result, she is passionate about sharing this mind-body-spirit connection with as many people as possible through yoga and yoga therapy that is honoring to the body and beneficial to mind and spirit as well!