YogaFit founded is the largest yoga mind body fitness school in the world, with emphasis on sports science and alignment principles as well as the ancient traditions of Yoga. Bringing Yoga to everybody in a safe accessible and adaptable way YogaFit allows for a full range of fitness levels age groups and health conditions while maintaining the essence of the practice.


Open to fitness instructors, personal trainers, medical providers, teachers and healthcare professionals you will not only improve your practice but will change the way you communicate with yourself and clients. YogaFit Trainings are also perfect for yoga enthusiasts that want to deepen their personal practice. Practitioners of all lineages can benefit from taking a YogaFit training, having trained over 250000 people around the world and over 50 different educational modules.


  • Learn from one of the worlds leading Yoga Education Schools right here in Singapore
  • Join Senior Trainer Claudia Micco all the way from Maui, HI, USA
  • **2020 Dates Cancelled**

    As our educator is based in USA and probably won’t be able to travel here for the foreseeable future, we are in the obligation to cancel this year’s YogaFit workshops.

    Do get in touch with us at info@fitsingapore.sg if you would like us to schedule these courses in 2021.

  • YogaFit Level 1 Fundamentals: $575 (Early Bird, before TBA) $650 Regular

    YogaFit for Chronic Pain: $575 (Early Bird, before TBA) $650 Regular

    Combo 2 courses: $850 (Super Early Bird, only available to first 5 participants), $950 (Early Bird, before TBA) $1100 Regular


    Level 1:1.5 ACE CEC’s & 16 Yoga Alliance CEU’s

    YogaFit for Chronic Pain: 1.6 ACE CEC’s & 16 Yoga Alliance CEU’s

YogaFit Level 1: Foundations

The first step on the path toward becoming a yoga teacher, learning how to safely introduce yoga into your client’s programs or simply deepening your practice, Level One provides the tools to create inspiring vinyasa yoga classes grounded in proper alignment and the safety of exercise science.

Who is this course for?

1) Fitness professionals who wish to incorporate yoga poses & stretches into your training practice safely and effectively.
2) Individuals who would like to take the first step towards becoming yoga instructors
3) Any individual who has an interest in yoga and its physical & health benefits.

What you will learn:

– Forty-­six fundamental YogaFit poses needed to teach an inclusive, well rounded, and safe yoga class to students for all ages, fitness levels, and experience
– The physical execution, transitions, and modifications for each pose to ensure that it is safe and effective for every body type
– To use transformative language to communicate how each pose connects the mind and the body
– To create dynamic vinyasa sequencing and flowing class formats based on YogaFit’s three-­mountain class structure

Continuing Education Credits
– 1.5 ACE CECs
– 16 Yoga Alliance CEUs

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YogaFit for Chronic Pain

The 2017 GSK Global Pain Index shows that pain affects almost everyone. This hampers our ability to live and work longer and lead a holistic life. Professor Eric Finkelstein, Health Services Research Program, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, commented, “Everyday pain has a significant emotional and economic impact on people’s lives and the economy. The survey uncovers that pain conditions are estimated to be costing the Southeast Asian economies, USD 44.6 billion in productivity losses. In Singapore, the productivity losses are estimated at USD 6.2 billion (SGD 8.4 billion) annually.”

  • 85% of Singaporeans have suffered from head and body pain, with nearly half (42%) suffering weekly from body pain
  • 1 in 2 suffer in silence, more commonly men (61%) than women (46%); one-third delay pain relief by weeks or even longer
  • 6 in 10 parents believe that pain makes it harder for them to listen and help their children with everyday tasks

Research suggest that practicing yoga has the opposite effect on the brain as does chronic pain.

Catherine Bushnell, PhD, Scientific Director of the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Asanas stabilize the autonomic nervous system – Studies done in regular practitioners show a decrease in cortisol and cholinesterase levels, which reflect quietening of the stress response.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone (fitness professional or enthusiasts) who wishes to gain a better understanding on how the practice of yoga, with its physical and health benefits, can help in pain management. Though there is no prerequisite, having attended the YogaFit Level 1 is preferred, to better enhance your learning experience.

What you will learn:

  • How pain and the perception of pain affect the various systems of the body, including the brain, the endocrine system, the nervous system, and the body tissues
  • To understand the neurobiology of pain and be able to compare and contrast Western and Eastern methods of managing it
  • A thorough understanding of the mind-body aspect of pain and how it relates to your yoga therapy practice
  • How to incorporate asana, pranayama, and meditation practices, as well as the eight limbs of Raja yoga, into your pain management protocols
  • To design appropriate group and single-client sessions for various types of conditions that create chronic pain

Continuing Education Credits
– 1.6 ACE CECs
– 16 Yoga Alliance CEUs

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Fitness Educator

Claudia Micco
Claudia has served as a Senior Trainer and content provider for YogaFit Inc. since 2000. She holds her ERYT 500 through both the Yoga Alliance of USA and Australia and is ACE-certified. With over 30 years in the spa and fitness industry, Claudia is a leading expert in this field, travelling extensively through Europe, Australia and the US, training fitness instructors in yoga, mind/body fitness, holistic health and active aging.