Personal Trainer (ACE)

Personal Training is one of the fastest growing professions in the health and fitness industry. Get with the movement!

The decision to become professionally certified is an important step in being recognized as a competent practitioner in your discipline. Working as a personal trainer is one of the most rewarding career choices for today’s fitness professional. The American Council on Exercise’s acclaimed Personal Trainer Certification is designed for trainers providing any form of 1-on-1 or small-group fitness instruction.

ACE has revolutionized personal training with their comprehensive Integrated Fitness Training™ (IFT™) Model, a cutting-edge application of exercise and behavioral science. Seamlessly develop personalized training programs for clients of all levels and goals with the IFT model – integrating assessments and programming to facilitate behavior change while training posture, function, cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular endurance, strength or power.

By becoming ACE certified, you will be better equipped to empower, motivate, challenge and retain your clients for the long term. ACE-certified personal trainers are in high demand, which is another reason for you to have a positive outlook regarding your future and the continued growth of you career.

The ACE© Personal Trainer Certification is continually evaluated and updated to ensure that it includes the most current research in exercise science and keeps today’s fitness professionals ahead of the competition.


Upon successful completion of the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam, you will have demonstrated your knowledge of fitness assessment, nutrition, exercise science, exercise programming, instructional and spotting techniques and lifestyle modification.

AT FIT, we have three types of courses to prepare you to be an ACE certified personal trainer:

  • Personal Trainer Preparation Course (48 hours) ;
  • Personal Trainer PRO-Grade Workshop (3 days)

How courses are NOW conducted? – IFT Based Model > 60% practical, focus is on exercise programming and workout designs, exercise science, and exam preparation


CPR & Basic First Aid certification is required to be attained for participants to receive their course certificate.

Who Will Be Teaching?

Lauren Poon

Lauren Poon, ACE-CPT, ACE-Health Coach, ACSM-CPT, NASM-PES, NASM-CES, Rehab Trainer

Lauren has over 10 years experience in the fitness and health industry. She has a A.Sc Degree in Physical Education / Human Performance with emphasis on Injury Care & Prevention from Foothill College, USA, Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage from ITEC, UK and extensive certifications and awards in fitness. Before joining FIT, she was Personal Training Manager at Planet Fitness Singapore, Performance Trainer at Axis Performance Center, USA and Specialized Personal Trainer at Club One, USA. She has personal trainer certifications from ACE, ACSM, NASM and FISAF. She also specializes in applied exercise science, lifestyle and weight management, pre- and post-natal fitness and a specialist in the areas of corrective exercise, and performance enhancement.

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