Functional Fusion

Participants will learn to use and integrate the TRX® Suspension Trainer, TRX® Rip Trainer, ViPR® , Kettlebells, weighted sandbags, battling ropes, BOSU®, Fit Ball and more into a functional program targeting movement, strength and power. They will learn over 60 exercises – how they benefit and target muscles and movement, how to properly perform and cue them and modifications and progressions to adapt the exercises to every fitness level and goal.

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of using each equipment for functional training
  • Analyse body movement for activities of daily life and sports so as to design targeted programs
  •  Prescribe a variety of exercises using a variety of techniques and a variety of equipment that progress clients from isolated, single joint muscle exercises to multiple joint, multiple plane movement
  •  Select equipment that is most appropriate for the training goal and client.
  •  Correctly and safely train and spot clients using these techniques

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The course progresses from reviewing the definition, benefits and characteristics of functional training, to working through exercise variations using and integrating at least 5 different functional training tools, outlining the benefits of each type of equipment and their appropriateness for particular situation and clients. Participants learn over 60 exercises – how they benefit and target muscles and movement, how to properly perform and cue them and modifications and progressions.

Finally, the participants will learn the basics of movement analysis and learn how to design functional training programs for a variety of clients using a variety of different tools.

Who is teaching?

Jerrican Tan  co-founded FiT Malaysia in the year 2007, is a fitness educator in the regon and manages FiT in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. FiT offers international standard certification exam preparation courses and continuing education courses for fitness professionals in countries around Asia. Prior to his contribution to FIT,  he had solid years of experience as a personal trainer and fitness manager of an international fitness chain Jerrican is also a former Mr. Malaysia Junior Champion and Mr. Asia Junior finalist,  a fitness advisor to Men’s Health Malaysia magazine and also a state bodybuilding judge. He is also a member in the board of programme studies for educational programme under the Physical Education Faculty for Universiti Putra Malaysia and a fitness industry advisor for Universiti Sains Malaysia.