Kettlebells Level 1 & 2 Review

Written by Fit Singapore Student & Personal Trainer – Frankie


I’ve just finished my Fundamentals of Kettlebells Level 1 Qualification today with FTI at Fit Singapore.

Absolutely phenomenal course. From someone who was nervous of kettlebells as I’ve struggled with swings in the past, this course completely got rid of not only my fear of using kettlebells on my own, correctly; but also taught me the vast range of workouts and movements that can be done with them.

It was an extremely physical course – almost seven hours fully practical. This helps so much because not only can you see the exercises being performed correctly but it allows you to feel how to execute them properly. You have Filipe and Dexter both on hand the entire weekend, correcting your technique throughout the entire day.

The best thing for me was learning progressions. So being a beginner with kettlebells, it was great to see how you start clients off from floor hinging, moving onto deadlifts, then eventually moving to different degrees of swings. We then worked on cleans, presses, press ups, and the one and only ‘Turkish Get Up’ – and with every exercise the guys showed us degrees of progression from the core exercise with easier and more difficult variations.



We were given booklets for the weekend, and after each exercise we wrote down the main cues and mistakes made with each exercise. This is invaluable information because next week I may not remember certain cues or common mistakes if I’m training alone or a client – so for me just writing these key points down is amazing and really highlights what I need to focus on for each individual movement or exercise.

The day was great, Filipe and Dexter were insane coaches and their skill level was superb. My forearms are sore (I’m not even putting my watch back on right now) but well worth every bruise. A great course and I cannot wait, not only do my level 2 tomorrow, but to get down the gym and try some of the flows and programs given to us to work through. Plus some of the skills I managed to do correct today I cannot wait to work on and perfect so I can try and get as good as the coaches! The tricks and routines they were doing with the kettlebells were insane – they also showed us an army routine and jugglers – that is now my aim!

Who knew after one day of learning how to use one piece of equipment so efficiently would develop such a love and respect for the skill itself. I can’t wait to get better and juggling kettlebells is definitely a goal of mine now!

So onto my Fundamentals of Kettlebells Level 2 Qualification (day 2) was focusing on more advance exercises using two kettlebells. This was really hardcore and I was terrified but having Dexter and Filipe right there I knew I was in safe hands!

We then moved onto core exercises – something that I think is really important as a focus.

Finally the practical exam – performing max reps of short circuit jerks with two 8kg kettlebells for women, 12kg for men, within 3 minutes. The highest was one of the girls with 47 reps! Needless to say after two 8 hours days of kettlebell specific training, we were literally done after those last three minutes. Arms will be no use tomorrow at all!

What I’m also learning about Fit Singapore and the FTI – it’s a family. It’s incredible turning up to these courses and seeing others who you’ve met previously. It’s seeing the trainers turn up and share knowledge about their own courses with fellow trainers. It’s a family of people who want to learn, who have passion and drive, and I’m so pleased to be apart of it.

Moving forward after my qualification I am hooked… Kettlebells now play a fundamental roll in my own workouts and my clients. It’s great sharing the knowledge I gained whilst learning for my qualification and it’s been great developing those skills – bring on juggling in years to come!