Personal Trainer Development Program (ACE)

The decision to become professionally certified is an important step in being recognized as a competent practitioner in your discipline. Working as a Personal Trainer is one of the most rewarding career choices for today’s fitness professional
Continued Education

Theoretical Foundations of Functional Training

Theoretical Foundations Course Workshop is the next step for passionate Personal Trainers wanting to take their Career and Clients to the next level. This course goes in-depth about the anatomy of human body and how the body reacts to movement and training in technical terms. Its designed to give you a complete scientific break down of every aspect of Training and in particular Functional Training.

Training Pregnant & Post-Partum Clients

The Pregnant and Post-Partum Clients course covers the physiological changes associated with pregnancy and explains how these changes require changes in the design of exercise programs for this special population. Both personal training programs and group fitness classes are discussed.

Fit Singapore prides itself on offering the highest standard of education delivered by world class educators. As well as our Fit Team on standby to assist you with general queries and enrolments, we also offer career development advisors, professional educators and strive to engage with a wide range of international partners to bring new and innovative fitness education to Singapore.



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Class Size

We pride ourselves on small class sizes, ensuring our students receive great education in a conducive educational environment

International Educators

Our international networking keeps Singapore up to date with the latest education delivered by world class educators

Varied Schedule

We ensure our courses and workshops are varied and accommodate a vast number of fitness industry needs