Welcome to FIT Singapore

Fit Singapore has always strived to make an impact on Fitness Education and raise the standard of Personal Trainers in Singapore. With an ever-growing industry and ever evolving sport science knowledge base to draw from, our goal is always to deliver the highest level of education to fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts, ensuring we cultivate a community of professional and competent trainers who never stop continued professional development.

The launch of our new Fit Singapore website marks a stepping stone towards improved communication and interaction with our students. This platform will promote education, encourage feedback, share new ideas and research in current topics and allow our students and educators to become more interactive. Together, our standards of education and commitment to student services are what differentiates Fit Singapore from other competitors and sets us at the forefront of the fitness movement in Singapore.

Not only do we hope that you visit our site to stay connected to continued fitness education courses, hear about the latest workshops and seminars or see which International Certification Course is coming to Fit Singapore next, we also want you to get involved in our journey. In 2017 we hope to generate increased opportunities for our students to work with us, explore joint ventures, mentoring programs, employment opportunities and networking, simultaneously discovering what the fitness industry needs and ensuring we can deliver.

Our culture, core values and principles have always been what drives us to engage, empower and enable our students through the highest standards of education, whilst simultaneously fostering a community of Fit Singapore Exercise Professionals. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our community and hope you will help us by sharing stories and experiences and take the time to connect with our Fit Team.

We hope you find the new and improved website useful and please do get in touch if you would like to guest feature on our Blog, explore networking and collaboration opportunities or even have suggestions for evolving fields of fitness education. We look forward to hearing from you…