Workout Wednesday’s @FitSingapore

Happy Humpday everyone!


I am sure you all find that come mid-week you no longer have the energy and enthusiasm you possessed on Monday and its not quite close enough to the weekend to spark any major excitement! For this very reason Fit Singapore have introduced “Workout Wednesdays” as a chance to boost moral and energy levels, promote team building and of course improve our fitness!


Every Wednesday our Fit Singapore team will get together and take part in a different exercise class or sport and we will take it in turn to each lead a different workout and keep things interesting. This week we kicked things off with a bang as our Fit Intern and Personal Trainer, Mark Tan conducted a fun filled Conditioning Workout.


Starting off with a temperature raising warn up, bringing in different drills, exercises and games the Fit Team had an absolute blast (referring to our enjoyment as well as our muscles)! We were lucky to have a great trainer that was focused on making the exercises fun and ensured we all enjoyed ourselves, kept us motivated and working hard. I am sure we will all feel it tomorrow!


We were having so much fun intact that we captured the interest of on-lookers, created ourselves an audience and even recruited some of the cleaning staff to come and take part!



Want to try a sample of this weeks workout…?




Exercises – 3 sets each!

1) Split Squat (12 repetitions to 15 repetitions on each leg with two seconds isometric contraction pause)

2) High Knee Lifts (30 seconds with core activated and arm swings)

3) Lying Ankle Taps (20 repetitions or 60 seconds alternating from left to right ankle, keeping your shoulder blades up)

4) Basic Squats (20 repetitions or 60 seconds, keeping your chest up and maintaining a neutral spine with core engaged)


Make sure you stay tuned to see what Team Fit Singapore gets up to over the next weeks and do get in contact with us if you’re looking for a great new PT or want to run our own “Workout Wednesday” for your company or need bespoke Corporate Wellness Programs.